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Magazine: Bull Spec

Editor: Samuel Montgomery-Blinn

Language: English

ISSN: 2152-5242 (online), 2152-5234 (print)

Active: 2010 – 2013

Issues: 8

Websites:  Bull Spec  |  Facebook  |  Galactic Central  |  ISFDB

Bibliographic comments: US magazine publishing science fiction and fantasy.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

Bull Spec, #3

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, ed.

<  October 2010

Bull Spec

PDF / print, 64 pages



  •  Editorial 'Mind the Newstand' by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, essays and the interviews are listed.

Fiction: Lavie Tidhar, The Story of Listener and Yu-En  //  David Steffen, Turning Back the Clock  //  Denali Hyatt,

Cityscape  //  Katherine Sparrow, Like Parchment in the Fire  //  Melinda Thielbar, You're Almost Here  //  David

Drake, The Legions of Fire [excerpt]  //  Mike Gallagher, Closed System Part Three: Is It Alive?  //  Natania Barron,

Sand  //  Paul Celmer, A Crowded Place

Poetry: Deborah Walker, Dolly Bone Dream  //  David Sklar, When I Grow Up  // Rob Elkind, Magnetic Moment  //  

Matt Ronquillo, Thread Head  //  Deborah Walker, The Standing Stones Have Fallen, But the Debt Remains  //  

Robert Laughlin, What the Poet Wrote After His Wife Put That Big Seed Pod Under His Bed  //  Robert Laughlin, With

a Chance of Sucking Vacuum

Essays: uncredited, Happenings  //  Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Where I Write: Joe Haldeman  //  Samuel

Montgomery-Blinn, William Gibson: Zero History  //  Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Brandon Sanderson Takes the

Time  //  Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Tachyon Turns 15

Interviews: Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Feature--David Drake--The Legions of Fire  //  Samuel Montgomery-Blinn,

"Why?" interview of Paul T. Riddell  //  Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, Interview: Firetower Studios, interview of Jason

Strutz and Jeremy Whitley

Bull Spec, #7

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn, ed.

<  April 2012

Bull Spec

PDF / print, 64 pages



  •  Editorial 'Are You Listening?' by Samuel Montgomery-Blinn.

  •  Only fiction, poetry, essays and the interviews are listed.

  •  'Complications of the Flesh' is set on the fiction island of Tinhau, based on Singapore.

Fiction: D. K. Thompson, The Gearaffe Who Didn't Tick  //  Jason Erik Lundberg, Complications of the Flesh  //  

Stephanie Ricker, Inseparables' War  //  Natania Barron, Fish Eyes  //  J. P. Trostle, Friday Nite at the A&W  // Jason

K. Chapman, When Dreams Wake  //  Jason Strutz, Jeremy Whitley, The Long Lives of Heroes (Part 3 of 4)

Poetry: Alexandra Seidel, The Fall Queen  //  Daniel A. Rabuzzi, One Hundred Years in the Wood  //  Lemuel Harik,

Increments  //  Deborah Walker, A Fembot's Quantum Love  //  Athena Andreadis, Night Patrol  //  Mari Ness,

Laurels  //  Damon Shaw, Letting Go  //  Sofia Samatar, The Year of Disasters

Essays:  John H. Stevens, Experience is the Only Kind of Story: J. M. McDermott //  Peter Wood, X-Minus One

Interviews: Jeremy L. C. Jones, Into the Hinterlands: interview of David Drake and John Lambshead  //  Paul Kincaid,

In Deep: interview of Vernor Vinge  //  Dan Campbell, The Magister Trilogy: interview of C. S. Friedman  //  C. D.

Covington, Circle Tide: interview of Rebecca K. Rowe  //  Dan Horton, Panverse Three: interview of Dario Ciriello  //  

Preston Grassmann, The Urban Uncanny: interview of Lauren Beukes