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Robert A. Heinlein

Legal name:  Heinlein, Robert Anson

Birth place:  Butler, MO, USA

Birth date:  7 July 1907

Death date:  8 May 1988

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:  Only Robert A. Heinlein's genre titles related to Asia are listed here. The novel Starship Troopers,

which features the Filipino protagonist Johnny Rico, does not meet the criteria for inclusion here.

Biographic comments:




Sixth Column / The Day After Tomorrow


Library edition: January 1979 edition, 1st printing

New English Library

ISBN 0-450-03952-8

Paperback, 141 pages



  •  Depicts a world overrun by a PanAsian superpower, against which the USA fights back with a genetic weapon.

  •  Based on the unpublished short story 'All' by John W. Campbell.