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Anthology: The Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Anthology of Magical Tales

Editor: Jack Zipes

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


The Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Anthology of Magical Tales

Jack Zipes, ed.


<  2017, 1st edition

Princeton University Press

ISBN 978-0-691-17265-1

Hardcover, xxvi+404 pages



  •  Preface and Introduction 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Harry Potter, and Why Magic Matters' by Jack Zipes. The

     Preface also contains the story 'The Youth Who Went through the Proper Ceremonies: Why Did He Fail to Win the

     Magic Spell?' by Somadeva, translated by Arthur W. Ryder.

  •  'The Tale of the Sorcerer' translated from the Yiddish by Adelia Solemsli-Chrysler.

Fiction: Lucian of Samosata, Eucrates and Pancrates  //  François Pétis de la Croix, The Story of the Brahmin

Padmanaba and the Young Hassan  //  Sir Walter Scott, The Last Exorciser  //  John T. Naaké, The Book of Magic  //  

Alfred Cooper Fryer, The Master and His Pupil; or, The Magic Book  //  Sheykh-Zada, The Lady's Fifth Story  //  Edith

Hodgetts, The Blacksmith and the Devil  //  Henry Thomas Francis, The Rash Magician  //  Richard Rostron, The

Sorcerer's Apprentice  //  Richard M. Dorson, The Mojo  //  Harold Courlander, The Do-All Ax  //  Rachel Harriette

Busk, The Saga of the Well-and-Wise-Walking Khan  //  Somadeva, Bhavašarman and the Two Witches  //  Farid

al-Din 'Attar, The Magician's Apprentice  //  Giovan Francesco Straparola, Maestro Lattantio and His Apprentice

Dionigi  //  Sanghendi Mahalingam Natesa Sastri, The Deceiver Shall Be Deceived  //  Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm

Grimm, The Nimble Thief and His Master  //  Kazimierz Wladyslaw Woycicki, The Sorcerer and His Apprentice  //  

Albert Schott, Arthur Schott, The Devil and His Pupil  //  Ludwig Bechstein, The Magic Combat  //  Johann Georg

von Hahn, The Teacher and His Pupil  //  Giuseppe Pitrè, The Tuft of Wild Beet  //  Domenico Comparetti, Oh,

Relief!  //  François-Marie Luzel, The Magician and His Servant  //  George Webbe Dasent, Farmer Weathersky  //  

Jerome Curtin, The Fisherman's Son and the Gruagach of Tricks  //  Edith Hodgetts, The Wonderful Trade  //  

Charles Swynnerton, The Story of Ali the Merchant and the Brahmin  //  Leo Wiener, The Tale of the Sorcerer  //  

Joseph Charles Mardrus, The Twelfth Captain's Tale  //  Fletcher Gardner, The Battle of the Enchanters  //  Peter

Buchan, The Black King of Morocco  //  Cecil Henry Bompas, The Boy Who Learnt Magic  //  Edith Nesbit, The

Magician's Heart  //  Claude-Marius Barbeau, The Two Magicians  //  Hermann Hesse, The Forest Dweller  //  

Heywood Broun, Red Magic  //  Dean Fansler, The Mysterious Book  //  Elsie Clews Parsons, The Battle of the

Enchanters  //  Romuald Pramberger, The Sorcerer's Apprentice  //  Seumas MacManus, The Mistress of Magic  //  

Joseph Médard Carrière, The Two Magicians  //  John Mason Brewer, The High Sheriff and His Servant  //  Corinne

Saucier, The Man and His Son  //  A. K. Ramanujan, The Magician and His Disciple  //  Joachim Leopold Haupt,

About an Evil Man in Groß-Särchen  //  Michael Hornig, Krabat: A Legend from Folklore  //  Georg Gustav Kubasch,

Krabat  //  Edmund Veckenstedt, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, I  //  Edmund Veckenstedt, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, II

//  Johann Goltsch, The Story About Krabat  //  Georg Pilk, The Wendish Faust Legend  //  Jerzy Slizinski, Krabat

Poetry: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Pupil in Magic  //  Robert Southey, Cornelius Agrippa's Bloody Book  //  

Ovid, Erysichthon and Mestra

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