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Anthology: The Reincarnated Giant: An Anthology of Twenty-First- Century Chinese Science Fiction

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Theodore Huters  |  Mingwei Song

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

The Reincarnated Giant: An Anthology of Twenty-First-Century

Chinese Science Fiction

Mingwei Song, Theodore Huters, eds.


Library edition: September 2018, 1st edition

Columbia University Press

ISBN 978-0-231-18023-8

Trade paperback, xxi+424 pages



  •  Introduction 'Does Science Fiction Dream of a Chinese New Wave?' by Mingwei Song.

  •  'Regenerated Bricks' translated by Theodore Huters.

  •  'The Village Schoolteacher' translated by Christopher Elford and Jiang Chenxin.

  •  'Histories of Time: The Luster of Mute Porcelain [excerpts]' translated by Carlos Rojas.

  •  'The Dream Devourer [Chapters 5–7]' translated by Cara Healy.

  •  'The Demon-Enslaving Flask' translated by Linda Rui Feng.

  •  'The Poetry Cloud' translated by Chi-yin Ip and Cheuk Wong.

  •  '"Science Fiction": A Chapter of Daughter' translated by Thomas Moran and Jingling Chen.

  •  'Balin' translated by Ken Liu.

  •  'The Radio Waves That Never Die' translated by Petula Parris-Huang.

  •  '1923: A Fantasy' translated by Nicky Harman and Pang Zhaoxia.

  •  'The Passengers and the Creator' translated by Nathaniel Isaacson.

  •  'The Reincarnated Giant' translated by Carlos Rojas.

  •  'The Rain Forest' translated by Jie Li.

  •  'The Demon's Head' translated by David Hull.

  •  'Songs of Ancient Earth' translated by Adrian Thieret.

Fiction: Han Song, Regenerated Bricks  //  Liu Cixin, The Village Schoolteacher  //  Dung Kai-cheung, Histories of

Time: The Luster of Mute Porcelain [excerpts]  //  Egoyan Zheng, The Dream Devourer [Chapters 5–7]  //  Xia Jia, The

Demon-Enslaving Flask  //  Liu Cixin, The Poetry Cloud  //  Lo Yi-chin, "Science Fiction": A Chapter of Daughter  //  

Chen Qiufan, Balin  //  La La, The Radio Waves That Never Die  //  Zhao Haihong, 1923: A Fantasy  //  Han Song,

The Passengers and the Creator  //  Wang Jinkang, The Reincarnated Giant  //  Chi Hui, The Rain Forest  //  Fei Dao,

The Demon's Head  //  Bao Shu, Songs of Ancient Earth