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Non-fiction anthology: The Postnational Fantasy: Essays on Postcolonialism, Cosmopolitics and Science Fiction

Editors (alphabetically listed): Jason W. Ellis  |  Swaralipi Nandi  |  Masoof Ashraf Raja

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


The Postnational Fantasy: Essays on Postcolonialism, Cosmopolitics

and Science Fiction

Masoof Ashraf Raja, Jason W. Ellis, Swaralipi Nandi, eds.


<  May 2011, 1st edition

McFarland & Company

ISBN 978-0-7864-6141-7

Trade paperback, x+215 pages

No cover price


  •  Foreword by Donald M. Hassler, Introduction by Swaralipi Nandi and Masood Ashraf Raja.

  •  'Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy' series #31.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Essays: Michele Braun, Science Fiction as Experimental Ground for Issues of the Postcolonial Novel  //  Karen

Cardozo, Banu Subramaniam, Truth Is Stranger: The Postnational "Aliens" of Biofiction  //  Adam Frisch, Forms of

Compromise: The Interaction of Humanity, Technology and Landscape in Ken MacLeod's Night Sessions  //  Chris Pak,

The Language of Postnationality: Cultural Identity via Science Fictional Trajectories  //  Swaralipi Nandi, The "Popular"

Science: Bollywood's Take on Science Fiction and the Discourse of Nations  //  Jenn Brandt, Postcolonial Ethics and

Identity in Kirinyaga  //  Angel Mateos-Aparicio Martin-Albo, The Frontier Myth and Racial Politics  //  Suparno

Banerjee, Dystopia and the Postcolonial Nation  //  Katherine R. Broad, Body Speaks: Communication and the Limits

of Nationalism in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis Trilogy  //  Jason W. Ellis, Engineering a Comopolitan Future: Race,

Nation, and World of Warcraft  //  Stacy Schmitt Rusnak, When "Nation" Stops Making Sense: Mexico and Giorgio

Agamben's "State of Exception" in Children of Men  //  Marleen S. Barr, Fantastic Language/Political Reporting: The

Postcolonial Science Fiction Illocutionary Force Is with Us

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