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Anthology: The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories

Editors (alphabetically listed):  John L. Apostolou  |  Martin H. Greenberg

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments: This anthology was put together by Grania Davies and Judith Merril in 1979-1980, however they

could not find a publisher. In 1989 Apostolou and Greenberg arranged for publication and are credited as Editors, with Davis

and Merril credited as "Consulting Editors".


The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories

John L. Apostolou, Martin H. Greenberg, eds.


<  February 1989, 1st edition

Dembner Books

ISBN 0-942637-06-2

Hardcover, 176 pages



  •  Foreword by Grania Davies, Introduction by John L. Apostolou.

  •  'The Flood' translated by Lane Dunlop.

  •  'Cardboard Box' translated by David Lewis.

  •  'Tansu' translated by Shimizu Hitomi & Grania Davis (with the help of Joel Dames and Dr. Stephen Davis).

  •  'Bokko-Chan' translated by Noriyoshi Saito. According to Ray Lovell this is the first Japanese story to appear in any

      English language magazine.

  •  'He—y, Come on Ou—t!' translated by Stanleigh Jones.

  •  'The Road to the Sea' translated by Judith Merrill and Tetsu Yano.

  •  'The Empty Field translated by Kinya Tsuruta and Judith Merril.

  •  'The Savage Mouth' translated by Judith Merril.

  •  'Take Your Choice' translated by Shiro Tamura and Grania Davis.

  •  'Triceratops' translated by David Lewis.

  •  'Fnifmum' translated by Katsumi Shindo and Grania Davis.

  •  'Standing Woman' translated by David Lewis.

  •  'The Legend of the Paper Spaceship' translated by Gene Van Troyer and Tomoko Oshiro.

Fiction: Kōbō Abe, The Flood  //  Ryo Hanmura, Cardboard Box  //  Ryo Hanmura, Tansu  //  Shinichi Hoshi,

Bokko-Chan  //  Shinichi Hoshi, He—y, Come on Ou—t!  //  Takashi Ishikawa, The Road to the Sea  //  Morio Kita,

The Empty Field  //  Sakyo Komatsu, The Savage Mouth  //  Sakyo Komatsu, Take Your Choice  //  Tensei Kono,

Triceratops  //  Taku Mayumura, Fnifmum  //  Yasutaka Tsutsui, Standing Woman  //  Tetsu Yano, The Legend of the

Paper Spaceship

Essay: John L. Apostolou, Martin H. Greenberg, A Reading List of Japanese Science Fiction in English