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Anthology: Sigwa: Climate Fiction Anthology from the Philippines

Editors (alphabetically listed): Paolo Enrico Melendez  |  Kristine Ong Muslim

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


Sigwa: Climate Fiction Anthology from the Philippines

Paolo Enrico Melendez, Kristine Ong Muslim, eds.


<  unknown publication date

PUP Press


Trade paperback

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  •  Introduction by Kristine Ong Muslim.

  •  'Reading Sigwa' by Paolo Enrico Melendez, 'Six Proposals for the Reform of Literature in the Age of Climate

      Change' by Nick Admussen.

  •  Illustrated by Adam David.

Fiction: Chiles Samaniego, exotic property  //  Sandra Nicole Roldan, Earthquake Weather  //  Rae Rival, Halimaw  

//  Daryll Delgado, Aftermath  //  Maryanne Moll, The Town  //  Erika M. Carreon, Flotsam  //  Eliza Victoria, 100  //  

Tilde Acuña, Postscript to a Transmutation  //  Adam David, Works & Days  //  Jude Ortega, The Burial Plateau  //  

Roma Estrada, Notes of a City Dweller  //  Joseph F. Nacino, In the Wake of the Sea  //  Mo Francisco, Nina  //  F.

Jordan Carnice, All that We Can Have  //  Christine V. Lao, Odor  //  John Bengan, We Are Safe Here  //  Lakan

Umali, The Sinking Church of Sto. Basilio

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