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Non-fiction anthology: Science Fiction Beyond Borders

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Shawn Edrei  |  Danielle Gurevitch

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments: Anthology of Israeli science fiction criticism.

Science Fiction Beyond Borders

Shawn Edrei, Danielle Gurevitch, eds.


<  December 2016, 1st edition

Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN 978-1-4438-9955-0

Hardcover, 190 pages

Unknown cover price


  •  Introduction by Shawn Edrei.

Essays: Elana Gomel, Character Degree Zero: Space and the Posthuman Subject  //  Anat Karolin, Androgynous

Aliens and Gender Migrants: Experiments in Genderlessness in Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness and

Greg Egan's Distress  //  Naomi Michalowicz, The Importance of Telling Lies: SF Ethics and the Story of the Fall in

China Miéville's Embassytown  //  Moriel Ram, Fictionalising the Failure of Science: Zombies, Ambivalence and

Modernity  //  Razi Zeidan, Human Degeneration in Early Science Fiction Literature  //  Ulrike Goldenblatt, Facing

Your Dolly: Cloning As an Aid or Obstacle to Discussions of Ethics in Science Fiction  //  Vyatcheslav Bart, Futurist,

Decadent, and Pagan Influences in Transhumanism: The Dangers of Godlike Creativity  //  Avital Pilpel, Why Are

There No Israeli Utopias in Israeli Science Fiction?  //  Danielle Gurevitch, Angels on Katzenelson Street: The Israeli

Reader's Attitude Towards Fantastic Literature  //  Hila Peleg, Smashing Expectations for Fun and Profit: Intertextuality

and "Rip-Off" in the Novels of John Scalzi