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Anthology: Ruin and Resolve: Pinoy SF for Charity

Editor:  Paolo Gabriel V. Chikiamco

Language:  English


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Ruin and Resolve: Pinoy SF for Charity

Paolo Gabriel V. Chikiamco, ed.


<  December 2009, 1st edition

Rocket Kapre Books


PDF, 164 pages

No cover price


  •  Introduction by Paolo Gabriel V. Chikiamco.

Fiction: Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Mouse and I  //  Celestine Trinidad, Strange Salvation  //  Kate Aton-Osias,

Earthquake  //  Erica Gonzales, Firestorm  //  Paolo Jose Cruz, Excerpt from Neomuros  //  Nikki Alfar, After the

Flood  //  Rod M. Santos, Wishgranters  //  Kenneth Yu, The Sparrows of Climaco Avenue  //  Eliza Victoria, Dreams

After the Storm  //  Crystal Koo, We End Up with the Same Thing Anyway  //  Catherine Batac Walder, Before the

Perfect Season  //  Vincent Michael Simbulan, Wail of the Sun  //  Erica Gonzales, Haya and Me  //  Kate

Aton-Osias, Snippets  //  Sharmaine Galve, The Marriage of Sun and Moon  //  Alexander Marcos Osias, The Death

and Rebirth of Nathaniel Alan Sempio  //  Celestine Trinidad, Cutis Marmorata  //  Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, The Return

of the Sun  //  Chiles Samaniego, Strangelove  //  Karl R. De Mesa, Excerpts from News of the Shaman

Poetry: Patria Rivera, Designations  //  Patria Rivera, Stairway to Heaven  //  Patria Rivera, The Way a Plague

Transforms the Land  //  Patria Rivera, You Ate My City