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Anthology: Kizuna: Fiction for Japan

Editor: Brent Millis

Language: English


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Kizuna: Fiction for Japan

Brent Millis, ed.


<  September 2011, 1st edition

Brent Millis

ISBN 978-1-4662-2317-2

Trade paperback, 228 pages



  •  Fundraising anthology to support orphaned children after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake/tsunami.

  •  The genre / non-genre status of the stories is currently undetermined.

Fiction: Katherine Govier, From Tokyo  //  Ken Asamatsu, Downtown Pharmacy  //  Lee Pletzers, E-mail to Mother  //  

Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Small Ocean After Solar  //  S. A. Gambino, A Cure for the World //  Michael Allen Rose, 100

Fingers and the Tree  //  Nickolas Furr, Ploughman  //  Garrett Cook, Orpheus in the Underwear  //  Touya Tachihara,

Pocket  //  Jess Gulbranson, The Norwegian Makes Lemonade  //  Alvin Pang, Breakwater  //  Robert M. Price,

HO(locaust) Scale  //  Kevin Lovelace, Inconceivable  //  Junichi Ashikawa, Memories of Ken  //  Adam Joffrain,

Whispers  //  Moxie Mezcal, Jackie Ω Has Gone Too Far?  //  Andersen Prunty, Throat Wad  //  L. Christopher Bird,

The Push of Man  //  Minoru Inaba, The Old Man and Honey  //  Richard Wright, Sharan Gali  //  Kirk Marshall, Island

Swarm  //  Davide Mana, Kopy Cats  //  Sho Tomono, Why Wear Red?  //  Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Thrones &

Powers  //  Christene Britton-Jones, Yara-ma-yha-who  //  Philip Overby, Bille_Goat_Gruff_2056  //  Yuusuke Tokita,

Cherry Guard  //  David Agranoff, Eternal Case of the Mondays  //  Bradley Sands, The Game  //  Naohiko Kitahara,

Initiation  //  Michael John Grist, The Ice-Flock Storks of Sørøya  //  Trent Zelazny, Nothingness Dust  //  Riri

Shimada, Five Short Twitter Novels  //  Made in DNA, Conservation Hero Blues  //  Glynn Barrass, Dissolution  //  

Fulvio Gatti, Dead and Breakfast  //  Melissa J. White, Plum Blossom  //  Fumihiko Iino, The Flower  //  Curt Seubert,

A Tale of Smoke and Ash  //  Elizabeth Black, Back Beyond the Hedgerow  //  John F. Rice, Sherlock Holmes and the

Case of the Giant Rat of Sumatra  //  Hiroshi Yamamoto, A Summer's Melody  //  Volker Baetz, Humanitas Ex  //  

Andrew Freudenberg, Tarma's Song  //  Terrie Czechowski, The Power of Perspective  //  Lucía González Lavado,

Legends  //  Mie Takase, If Only Flowers  //  Stephen A. North, Dial Tone  //  Ran Cartwright, The Starlet and the

Fishman  //  Ukyo Kodachi, Recollections  //  Danilo Arona, The Loft in the Sky  //  David Naughton-Shires, Last

Embrace  //  John Shirley, The Girl with Eyes in the Back of Her Head  //  Jonathan Moon, Heart of an Angel  //  

Tadashi Ota, The Music Box  //  Richard Salter, Not Alone in the Dark  //  Midori Tateyama, Natsumi's Diary  //  Grant

Wamack, Sweet Hearts  //  Massimo Soumaré, Appointment at the Oji Inari Shrine  //  Yufuko Senoh, The Story

Without a Key  //  Berry Sizemore, The Feast of the Fly  //  Ash Lomen, A Second Metamorphosis  //  Adam

Breckenridge, Homecoming  //  Yasumi Kobayashi, Mom, Dad and Hiro  //  Jason Wuchenich, The Bubbling Road

of Self-Loathing  //  Ryuto Hijiri, That Day...  //  Vittorio Catani, The Dream-Colored Morning  //  Joji Hayashi, The

End of the Royal Palace and the Kingdom  //  Kevin David Anderson, The X-Ray  //  Tamao Kanroji, The Mermaid

Princess' Love, Curse and...  //  Michael Moorcock, Walking the Hog  //  Shinya Gaku, That Long Day

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