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Non-fiction anthology: Economic Science Fictions

Editor: William Davies

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


Economic Science Fictions

William Davies, ed.


<  March 2018, 1st edition

Goldsmiths Press

ISBN 978-1-9068-9768-0

Hardcover, xiv+383 pages



  •  Foreword by Mark Fisher, Introduction by William Davies.

  •  'PERC Papers' series.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Essays: Ha-Joon Chang, Economics, Science Fiction, History, and Comparative Studies  //  Laura Horn, Future

Incorporated?  //  Sherryl Vint, Currencies of Social Organization: The Future of Money  //  Brian Willems, Automating

Economic Revolution: Robert Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress  //  Carina Brand, 'Feeding Like a Parasite':

Extraction and Science Fiction in Capitalist Dystopia  //  AUDINT, Pain Camp Economics  //  Nora O. Murchú, The New

Black  //  Owen Hatherley, Prefabricating Communism: Mass Production and the Soviet City  //  Mark R. Johnson,

Megastructures, Superweapons and Global Architectures in Science Fiction Computer Games  //  Bastien Kerspern,

Economic Design Fictions: Finding the Human Scale  //  Justin Pickard, Tobias Revell, Georgina Voss, Valuing

Utopia in Speculative and Critical Design  //  Tim Jackson, Shooting the Bridge: Liminality and the End of Capitalism  //  

Judy Thorne, Speculative Hyperstition at a Northern Further Education College  //  Miriam A. Cherry, The Future

Encyclopedia of Luddism  //  Jo Lindsay Walton, Public Money and Democracy

Fiction: Dan Gavshon Brady, James Pockson, Fatberg and the Sinkholes: A Report on the Findings of a Journey Into

the United Regions of England by PostRational

Poetry: Khairani Barokka, AT392-Red