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Non-fiction anthology: Conversations with Isaac Asimov

Editor: Carl Freedman

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


Conversations with Isaac Asimov

Carl Freedman, ed.


<  July 2005, 1st edition

University Press of Mississippi

ISBN 1-57806-737-5

Hardcover, xxvi+170 pages



  •  Introduction by Carl Freedman.

Interviews: Thomas D. Clareson, Science Fiction: The New Mythology: Interview of Isaac Asimov, H. Bruce Franklin,

Frederik Pohl and Darko Suvin  //  Lewis Nichols, Isaac Asimov: Man of 7,560,000 Words  //  Israel Shenker, Untitled

Interview from Words and Their Masters  //  Earl G. Ingersoll, A Conversation with Isaac Asimov  //  James Gunn, An

Interview with Isaac Asimov  //  Pat Stone, The Plowboy Interview: Isaac Asimov - Science, Technology... and Space!  

//  Andrew Porter, Darrell Schweitzer, Isaac Asimov  //  Fred Jerome, Science and American Society  //  Frank

Kendig, A Conversation with Isaac Asimov  //  Joy Walsh, Isaac Asimov: Modern-Day Renaissance Man  //  Victor

Serebriakoff, The Leading Edge  //  Alan C. Elms, From "Nightfall" to Dawn: Asimov as Acrophobe  //  Bill Moyers,

Isaac Asimov Speaks  // Irv Broughton, Isaac Asimov Interview

Essay: Myrna Oliver, Isaac Asimov, Science Fiction Virtuoso, Dies