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Anthology: A World of Horror

Editor: Eric J. Guignard

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


A World of Horror

Eric J. Guignard, ed.


<  2018, 1st edition

Dark Moon Books

ISBN 978-1-949491-03-6

Hardcover, 334 pages



  •  'Introduction: Diversity in Fiction' by Eric J. Guignard.

  •  Illustrated by Steve Lines.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white. 'Country Boy' is non-genre.

Fiction:  Mohale Mashigo, Mutshidzi  //  L. Chan, One Last Wayang  //  Nadia Bulkin, Things I Do for Love  //  David

Nickle, On a Wooden Plate, on a Winter's Night  //  Billie Sue Mosiman, Country Boy  //  Thersa Matsuura, The Wife

Who Didn't Eat  // Kristine Ong Muslim, The Disappeared  //  Suyi Davies Okungbowa, The Secret Life of the

Unclaimed  //  Johannes Pinter, How Alfred Nobel Got His Mojo  //  Kaaron Warren, Sick Cats in Small Spaces  //  

Dilman Dila, Obibi  //  Rhea Daniel, The Nightmare  //  Charlie Human, Chemirocha  //  Valya Dudycz Lupescu,

Honey  //  Marcia Douglas, Warning: Flammable, See Back Label  //  Carla Negrini, Arlecchino  //  Ray Cluley, The

Man at Table Nine  //  Ashlee Scheuerman, The Mantle of Flesh  //  Claudio Foti, The Shadows of Saint Urban  //  

Yukimi Ogawa, Warashi's Grip  //  Carlos Orsi, The White Monkey  //  David McGroarty, The West Wind