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A People’s Future of the United States

John Joseph Adams, Victor LaValle, eds.


<  First edition, 5 February 2019

One World

ISBN 978-0-525-50880-9

Trade paperback, 432 pages



  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Charlie Jane Anders, The Bookstore at the End of America  //  A. Merc Rustad, Our Aim Is Not to Die  //  Lizz

Huerta, The Wall  //  Maria Dahvana Headley, Read After Burning  //  Malka Older, Chapter 5: Disruption and

Continuity [excerpt]  // Sam J. Miller, It Was Saturday Night, I Guess That Makes It All Right  //  Tananarive Due,

Attachment Disorder  //  Ashok K. Banker, By His Bootstraps  //  Omar El Akkad, Riverbed  //  Daniel José Older,

What Maya Found There  //  Lesley Nneka Arimah, The Referendum  //  Justina Ireland, Calendar Girls  //  Violet

Allen, The Synapse Will Free Us from Ourselves  //  Gabby Rivera, O.1  //  Tobias S. Buckell, The Blindfold  //  Hugh

Howey, No Algorithms in the World  //  Jamie Ford, Esperanto  //  G. Willow Wilson, ROME  //  N. K. Jemisin, Give

Me Cornbread or Give Me Death  //  Charles Yu, Good News Bad News  //  Kai Cheng Thom, What You Sow  //  

Daniel H. Wilson, A History of Barbed Wire  //  Catherynne M. Valente, The Sun in Exile  //  Seanan McGuire,

Harmony  //  Alice Sola Kim, Now Wait for This Week

Anthology: A People’s Future of the United States

Editors (alphabetically listed):  John Joseph Adams  |  Victor LaValle

Language:  English

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