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Privacy Policy

The Big Sky Library website is maintained in England and hosted by Everweb in Canada, and does not currently use cookies to store or retrieve any information about visitors on any type of computing device. EverWeb also does not create or use cookies on this website's behalf, as stated on this Everweb page. Limited analytics (such as a visitor's country and web browser) are viewed at the host's page for this site, where visitors’ IP addresses are also not displayed. Cookie consent is therefore not required as per the May 2011 EU directive on online privacy (the 'Cookie Law').

This Privacy Policy will be comprehensively updated at any future time when The Big Sky Library's website uses cookies.

Creative Commons / Copyright

The general information provided at the Big Sky Library website appears under a Creative Commons CC-BY-2.0 License, except for reviews or other articles identified as Copyright © the writer/reviewer.

Affiliate programs

The Big Sky Library website currently has affiliate programs with Amazon UK and Apple Books. Links to a title's page at either site are usually provided as a link to a book's digital edition (which on Amazon is provided as a mobi file and Apple Books as an epub file). In the absence of a digital edition at Amazon UK a link is provided to either a hardcover or paperback edition (neither of which are sourced or stocked by Apple, who only deal in electronic editions). Purchasing a book via The Big Sky Library earns a small sales commission, which is put towards the costs of web hosting.

Fair Use

Some photographs appear using a 'Fair Use' rationale when another suitable photograph of the subject cannot be found or the possible copyright owner cannot be identified. The purpose of use is for low-resolution visual identification only of the author, at the top of his/her/their bibliographical page.