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Magazine: Pathlight

Editors (alphabetically listed): Eric Abrahamsen  |  Alice Xin Liu  |  Canaan Morse  |  and others

Language: English

ISSN: 2328-0018

Issues: 15, 2011 – 2016

Websites:  Galactic Central  |  Paper Republic  |  Wikipedia


Bibliographic comments: An offshoot of China's People's Literature Magazine, published by Paper Republic and dedicated to

translations of new Chinese writing. Editors for the Spring 2013 issue are credited only on the Pathlight website.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here.


Pathlight, Spring 2013

Alice Xin Liu, Eric Abrahamsen, Canaan Morse, eds.

Library edition: Spring 2013

Paper Republic


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  •  Special issue themed on 'The Future'.

  •  'Doomsday' translated by Bruce Humes.

  •  'Shadow People' translated by Karen Gernant and Chen Zeping.

  •  'The Beekeeper' translated by Carlos Rojas.

  •  'The Arms, the Arms' translated by Brian Holton.

  •  '4/1/2018' translated by Christopher Elford.

  •  'The Endless Farewell' translated by Ken Liu.

  •  'Chronicles of the Mountain Dwellers' translated by Jesse Field.

  •  'A Story of Titan' translated by Joel Martinsen.

  •  'Milk' translated by Katharine Poundstone.

  •  'The Last Brave Man' translated by Poppy Toland.

  •  'Han Shaogong Q&A' translated by Bryan Davis.

  •  'Chinese Science Fiction: An Overview' translated by Bryan Davis.

  •  Poetry section introduction translated by Martin Winter. The selections of poetry have many individual translators.

Fiction: Han Shaogong, Doomsday  //  Can Xue, Shadow People  //  Wang Jinkang, The Beekeeper  //  Xing He, The

Arms, the Arms  //  Liu Cixin, 4/1/2018  //  Chen Qiufan, The Endless Farewell  //  Yang Ping, Chronicles of the

Mountain Dwellers  //  Ling Chen, A Story of Titan'  //  Ah Ding, Milk  //  Hao Jingfang, The Last Brave Man

Poetry: Zhang Fuqiu, Sex Appeal  //  Zi Xiao, Diary  //  Hui Shiqin, Curse  //  Yu Zi, After Converting  //  Dai Guanglei,

Terror Hospital  //  Ya Ya, The Faceless Man  //  Zuo You, Deaf Boy  //  Ah Qi, The Butterflies Flying from the Wardrobe  

//  Ah Yu, Remembering My Ancestors on the Tomb-Sweeping Festival  //  Yu Youyou, Old Woman Sleeping Nude  //  

Li Xiaoyong, Boxes  //  Yuan Wei, Change  //  Yuan Shaoshan, Song of an Exile  //  Yang Cha, He / She

Essays: Wu Yan & Xing He, Chinese Science Fiction: An Overview  //  Yi Sha, Young Poets' Society

Interview: Q&A interview of Han Shaogong