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韩松  |  Han Song

Legal name:  韩松

Transliterated name:  Han, Song

Birth place:  Chongqing, China

Birth date:  28 August 1965

Language:  Chinese


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A Primer to Han Song


Library edition: September 2020, 1st edition

Dark Moon Books

ISBN 978-1-949491-17-3




  •  Edited and with an Introduction by Eric J. Guignard, individual story commentaries by Michael Arnzen, PhD.

  •  Translated by Nathaniel Isaacson, PhD, except 'Two Small Birds' translated by John Chu.

  •  Interior art by Michelle Prebich.

  •  'Exploring Dark Short Fiction' series #5.

  •  Includes an extensive Chinese/English bibliography of Han Song's fiction.

Fiction: Earth Is Flat  //  Transformation Subway  //  The Wheel of Samsara  //  Two Small Birds  //  Fear of Seeing  //  

My Country Does Not Dream

Essays: Eric J. Guignard, Han Song: A Biography  //  Michael Arnzen, Why Han Song Matters  //  Han Song, Sending

Chinese Science Fiction Overseas: A New Dialogue

Interview: In Conversation with Han Song: interview by Eric J. Guignard.

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