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Anthology series: Zion’s Fiction

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Emanuel Lottem  |  Sheldon Teitelbaum

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Zion’s Fiction: A Treasury of Israeli Speculative Literature

Emanuel Lottem, Sheldon Teitelbaum, eds.


<  September 2018, 1st edition

Mandel Vilar Press

ISBN 978-1-942134-52-7

Trade paperback, xvii+311 pages



  •  Foreword by Robert Silverberg, Introduction by Emanuel Lottem and Sheldon Teitelbaum, Afterword by Aharon


  •  Interior art by Avi Katz.

Fiction: Lavie Tidhar, The Smell of Orange Groves  //  Gail Hareven, The Slows  //  Keren Landsman, Burn Alexandria  

//  Guy Hasson, The Perfect Girl  //  Nava Semel, Hunter of Stars  //  Nir Yaniv, The Believers  //  Eyal Teler,

Possibilities  //  Rotem Baruchin, In the Mirror  //  Mordechai Sasson, The Stern-Gerlach Mice  //  Savyon Liebrecht,

A Good Place for the Night   //  Elana Gomel, Death in Jerusalem  //  Pesakh (Pavel) Amnuel, White Curtain  //  Yael

Furman, A Man's Dream  //  Gur Shomron, Two Minutes Too Early  //  Nitay Peretz, My Crappy Autumn  //  Shimon

Adaf, They Had to Move

More Zion’s Fiction: Wondrous Tales from the Israeli ImagiNation

Emanuel Lottem, Sheldon Teitelbaum, eds.


<  September 2021, 1st edition

Zion's Fiction Partnership

ISBN 978-0-578-96944-2

Trade paperback, 434 pages



  •  Foreword by David Brin, Introduction by Emanuel Lottem and Sheldon Teitelbaum, Afterword by Marleen S. Barr.

  •  Interior art by Avi Katz.

Fiction: Elana Gomel, The Sea of Salt  //  Keren Landsman, Schrödinger's Gorgon  //  Guy Hasson, The

Assassination  //  Hila Benyovits-Hoffman, Five Four Three Two One  //  Avram Davidson, Help! I Am Dr. Morris

Goldpepper  //  Rami Shalheveth, Dragon Control  //  Lili Daie, The Word Farmers  //  Nadav Almog, The Thirteenth

Fairy  //  Pesach (Pavel) Amnuel, Above the Clouds, Above the Mountains, Above the Sky...  //  Hamutal Levin, Me

and Nana Go Shopping  //  Yivsam Azgad, Life in a Movie  //  Gail Hareven, Dress  //  Assaf Gavron, CellShock  //  

Galit Dahan Carlibach, Composting  //  Yael Furman, Set in Stone  //  Dafna Feldman, Askuni-Askuni  //  Rotem

Baruchin, Latte, to Go

Essay: Ehud Maimon, My Life As an Israeli Science Fiction Fan