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Anthology: The Dragon and the Stars

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Eric Choi  |  Derwin Mak

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments: See also Eric Choi under general speculative fiction anthologies.


The Dragon and the Stars

Derwin Mak, Eric Choi, eds.


Library edition: May 2010, 1st edition, 1st printing

DAW Books

ISBN 978-0-7564-0618-9

Paperback, 312 pages

$7.99 / C$9.99


  •  Introduction by Tess Gerritsen, Afterword by Derwin Mak and Eric Choi.

Fiction: Tony Pi, The Character of the Hound  //  Charles Tan, The Fortunes of Mrs. Yu  //  William F. Wu, Goin' Down

to Anglotown  //  Derwin Mak, The Polar Bear Carries the Mail  //  Emery Huang, Lips of Ash  //  Crystal Gail

Shangkuan Koo, The Man on the Moon  //  Emily Mah, Across the Sea  //  Eugie Foster, Mortal Clay, Stone Heart  //  

Melissa Yuan-Innes, Dancers with Red Shoes  //  Shelly Li, Intelligent Truth  //  Gabriela Lee, Bargains  / /  E. L.

Chen, Threes //  Eric Choi, The Son of Heaven  //  Susan Ee, Shadow City  //  Brenda W. Clough, The Water

Weapon  //  Urania Fung, The Right to Eat Decent Food  //  Wen Y. Phua, Papa and Mama  //  Ken Liu, Běidŏu