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Anthology: The Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2018

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Zafar Anjum  |  Rajat Chaudhuri

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments: Zafar Anjum is credited as 'Series Editor'.


The Best Asian Speculative Fiction 2018

Rajat Chaudhuri, ed.


Library edition: November 2018, 1st edition, 1st printing


ISBN 978-981-11-8528-1

Trade paperback, xix+472 pages



  •  Introduction by Rajat Chaudhuri.

Fiction: Eliza Victoria, Web  //  Eldar Sattarov, Mountain Maid  //  Shweta Taneja, The Daughter That Bleeds  //  Xu Xi,

Here I Am  //  Joseph F. Nacino, Falling Through the Labyrinth  //  Gargi Mehta, The Society of Flower-Pluckers  //  

Lopa Ghosh, The Crow  //  Tan Kaiyi, The Seige  //  Carlo C. Flordeliza, How the Human ATM Lived Forever  //  

Soramimi Hanarejima, When the Ratchet Turns  //  Timothy Yam, Terms of Service  //  Richard Lord, A Modest

Disposal  //  Bae Suah, The English Garden  // Mithran Somasundrum, You Must Remember This  //  Kiran Mandral,

Upon His Return //  Lijia Zhang, Bright and Fragrant  //  Amithra Dinesh, The Garden of Unearthly Delights  //  

Sharmilla Ganesan, Last Shot  //  Rochelle Potkar, Eternal Swirl  //  Raviballa Shenoy, Timanna's House  //  Park

Chan-soon, The Man Who Wanted to Become a Snail  //  Samim Ahmed, The Grave  //  Zubier Abdullah, The Hunt  

//  Atikah Nabilah Latama, The Rose Queen  //  Vrinda Baliga, The Collision of Parallels  //  Amish Raj Mulmi, The

Fog  //  Neeraj Chawla, The God Link  //  Chris Mooney-Singh, Dante and the Tumult Cards  //  Abha Iyengar,  Birds

of Prey  //  Collin Piprell, Time and Time Again  //  Rohan Monteiro, The School  //  Minsoo Kang, The Abominable

Library of Black Storm  //  Tunku Halim, The Black Bridge  //  Priya Sarukkai Chabria, Slo-Glo