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Anthology series: Southeast Asian Urban Anthologies

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Dean Francis Alfar  |  Khairani Barokka  |  Marc de Faoite  |  Cassandra Khaw  |  Ng Yi-Sheng  |  

Angeline Woon

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Flesh: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology

Cassandra Khaw, Angeline Woon, eds.


Library edition:  March 2016, 1st edition

Fixi Novo

ISBN 978-1-906735-67-8

Trade paperback, 232 pages

Unknown cover price


  •  Introduction by Cassandra Khaw and Angeline Woon.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction.

Fiction: Teo Yi Han, If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands  //  Sokunthary Svay, Flesh and Family in

Phnom Penh  //  Simon Rowe, Tuna Steak  //  Terence Toh, The Whole Hog  //  Tina Sim, Her Lot  //  Yeyet Soriano,

He Loves Me... Not  //  Bridgette Ann Rebuca, The Real-Life Counterpart  //  Ari Abraham, Tempoyak  //  Kate Osias,

The Goodlyf  //  Nin Harris, No 165, Independence Lane  //  Justine Anjanique P. Jordan, Dr. Domingo  //  Shamala

Hinrichsen, Haven of Shadows  //  Damyanti Biswas, Thorax of a Blowfly  //  Kenneth Yu, Cherry Clubbing  //  

Verena Tay, The Sensualist  //  Joelyn Alexandra, 9 Lives  //  EK Gonzales, Itches  //  Eve Shi, The Skin Shimmers  //  

Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Them the Stars Open Like Doors

Heat: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology

Khairani Barokka, Ng Yi-Sheng, eds.


<  April 2016, 1st edition

Fixi Novo

ISBN 978-967-09-5439-4

Trade paperback

Unknown cover price


  •  Introduction by Khairani Barokka and Ng Yi-Sheng.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction.

Fiction: Gabriela Lee, Tinder  //  Zed Adam Idris, Method  //  Via Jie-Min Prasad, Different Ways to Burn  //  Rewat

Panpipat, It Looks Like Rain  //  Nikki Alfar, Appliances  //  Joseph Ng, Going to the Sun at Night  //  O Thiam Chin,

Back to Life  //  Christine V. Lao, Dimsum  //  Alexander Marcos Osias, The New Teacher  //  Catalina Rembuyan,

Resevoir Park  //  Hồn Du Mục, Astray  //   Maffi Deparis, Ivery del Campo, Boracay Island: Postcards from the Past

and Present  //  Diyana Mohamad, Heartlands  //  Peter Zaragoza Mayshle, MacGyveractics  //  Ee Leen Lee,

Forsakers  //  Zedeck Siew, The Lordly Dragon  //  Bonnie Etherington, A Farewell to an Adopted Nation  //  Julie

Koh, The Procession

Trash: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology

Dean Francis Alfar, Marc de Faoite, eds.


Library edition:  June 2016, 1st edition

Fixi Novo

ISBN 978-967-09-5441-7

Trade paperback

Unknown cover price


  •  Introduction by Dean Francis Alfar and Marc de Faoite.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction.

Fiction: Zedeck Siew, Mrs. Chandra’s War Against Dust  //  Raymond G. Falgui, The Hunger Houses  //  Lyana Shah,

Trash Talk  //  Dipika Mukherjee, Baby’s Breath  //  Timothy L. Marsh, How To Make White People Happy  //  Richard

Calayeg Cornelio, Crush  //  Ted Mahsun, And The Heavens Your Canopy  //  Eliza Vitri Handayani, Higher  //  

Michael Aaron Gomez, For Your Merry Days are Over  //  Tilon Sagulu, Bleeding Trash  //  Alexander Marcos Osias,

Blogcaster  //  Nin Harris, Auto-Rejection: An Outro  //  Francis Paolo Quina, life/after  //  M. Shanmughalingam,

Flowers for KK  //  Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Panopticon