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Anthology: Singapore Science Fiction

Editors (alphabetically listed):  R. S. Bhatal  |  Dudley de Souza  |  Kirpal Singh

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Singapore Science Fiction

R. S. Bhatal, Dudley de Souza, Kirpal Singh, eds.


<  1980, 1st edition

Rotary Club of Jurong Town and Singapore Science Centre


Paperback, x+116 pages

No cover price


  •  Foreword by Brian W. Aldiss, Preface by James Wong, Introduction by R. S. Bhatal.

  •  Prize-winning stories of the first Science Fiction Short Story Competition held in Singapore.

Fiction: Irene Pates, Who  //  Chan Fook Seng, Victim of the Future Or Cyclic Theory?  //  Gopal Baratham, The

Experiment  //  Gertrude Thomson, The Incredible Shrinking-Gun  //  Tan Huan Peow, Adan and Eve  //  Kon Liew

Min, An Hour in the Day of Johny Tuapehkong  //  Foong Soke Teang, Grape Shot  //  August Khong Kok Goh, Of

Oxygen, Dust or Roses  //  Tham Suet Lan, Kismet?  //  Patricia Maria Tan, A New Lease of Life  //  Quah Kung Yu,

Equality  //  Lee Khin Tjun, The Eridani Gift  //  Law Ngai Mun, Brain Power