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Anthology: Science Fiction from China

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Patrick D. Murphy  |  Dingbo Wu

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


Science Fiction from China

Dingbo Wu, Patrick D. Murphy, eds.


<  September 1989, 1st edition

Praeger Publishers

ISBN 0-275-93343-1

Hardcover, xli+176 pages



  •  'Foreword: Science Fiction and China' by Frederik Pohl; 'Looking Backward: An Introduction to Chinese Science

     Fiction' by Dingbo Wu.

Fiction: Tong Enzheng, The Death of the World's First Robot  //  Wei Yahua, Conjugal Happiness in the Arms of

Morpheus  //  Ye Yonglie, Reap as You Have Sown  //  Wang Xiaoda, The Mysterious Wave  //  Zheng Wenguang, The

Mirror Image of the Earth  //  Ye Yonglie, Corrosion  //  Jiang Yunsheng, Boundless Love

Essay: uncredited, Chronological Bibliography of Chinese Science Fiction