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Anthology series: Science Chronicles

Editor:  uncredited

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments: Annual short story competition since 2008 for Singaporean students, the annual anthology is now

hosted at

Science Chronicles: A Literary Quest 2008

uncredited, ed.


<  2009, 1st edition

Institute of High Performance Computing

ISBN 978-981-08-2490-7

Trade paperback, 174 pages

Unknown cover price


  •  Foreword by Dr. Raj Thampuran.

  •  Selected stories by students at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore.

Fiction: Shaun Ee, Down to Day  //  Belle Ong, Neurotechnology  //  Chong Ren Jean, We, the Intellectual  //  Lim

Shu Hui, Surgery  //  Kong Ming Wai, Prisoner  //  Jason Tay, Repercussions  //  Foong Ke Wei, Sam, or Tom?  //  

Xie Huiling, Dimensional Restoration  //  Benjamin Chin, Designer Children  //  Teo Shu De, First Contact  //  Yeo You

Wei, The Changing Roads  //  Joanne Han, Amanda Wong, Robots  //  Chloe Chua, Hunt the Dove  //  Shana Yap,

Matter No Matter  //  Ong Yi Lin, Bang!  //  Ng Qiu Lin, My White House  //  Jacqueline Lee, Karin  //  Mohit

Khandelwal, Vishesh Mittal, 25 Yins to Zero  //  David Low, For I Dipt in to the Future  //  Maria Andriani, Wilted

Amaranthine  //  Samuel Ng, Ditto  //  Sarah Tan, Nothing Is What It Seems  //  Mainak Ghosh, Shashank Gupta, The

Chip  //  Leonard Lim, Draconic the Hunter  //  Asra Siddiqui, The Moon Rising  //  Bob Wong, The Chamberlain of

Rosenthal  //  Sherry Chan, Heroes  //  Zhuo Xuewen, A Mother's Love  //  Tasmana Ishat, Dying Red Star  //  

Deborah Tan, Memories of the Future  //  Philip Chan, Chin Guo Jie, H2061 NEWater

Science Chronicles: Selected Stories

uncredited, ed.


<  2012, 1st edition

Institute of High Performance Computing

ISBN 978-9-8107-2456-6

Trade paperback, 52 pages

Unknown cover price


  •  Reprint of four stories by students at the Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore.

Fiction: undetermined

Science Chronicles 2018

uncredited, ed.


Library edition:  2019, 1st edition

A*Star / Science Centre Singapore

ISBN 978-9-8148-0779-1

PDF, 141 pages

No cover price


  •  Science Chronicles series #10.

Fiction: Celeste Chong, Ignorance Breeds Fear  //  Julianne Faye Ong, Human Nature  //  Chen Yunxi, Wynsey, On

Cyborgs and Existentialism  //  Rachel Tan Jin Hui, Out of the Looking-Glass  //  Rahul Ramanathan

Krishnamoorthy, The Lollipop  //  Ginnie Wee, Translating Love  //  Windle Charles Jordi, Terminus  //  Quek Jun

Siong, Family  //  Tan Wan Gee, Sunshine of the Eternal Mind  //  Chloe Loh, Oh, Charlie  //  Phua Rui Yi Sarah,

Making Up Everything  //  Tan Yong Yi, An Amygdala in a Metal Brain  //  Kristina Gweneth Ponce Simundo, Deeper  

//  Silvia Suseno, Technicolour Wonder  //  Goh Cheng Arn David, Ethan Christian Tan, Knowing  //  Shreya Sriram,

Rift in Space; Drift in Time  //  Natalie Sim Jiale, The Gena-rator  //  Nicolas Ng Chong Rong, Concertatio of Red &

Blue  //  Nicolas Ng Chong Rong, Death Is Nothing at All  //  Gabriel Lee, Monopoly Inc.

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