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Anthology series: Russian Science Fiction

Editor:  Robert Magidoff

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Russian Science Fiction

Robert Magidoff, ed.


<  1964, 1st edition

New York University Press


Hardcover, 272 pages



  •  Introduction by Robert Magidoff.

  •  Translated by Doris Johnson.

Fiction: Alexander Belayev, Invisible Light  //  Victor Saparin, The Magic Shoes  //  E. Zelikovich, A Dangerous

Invention  //  Vadim Okhotnikov, The Fiction Machines  //  Ivan Yefremov, Shadows of the Past  //  Ivan Yefremov,

Cor Serpentis (The Heart of the Serpent)  //  Mikhail Vasilyev, Flying Flowers  //  Anatoly Dnieprov, The Maxwell

Equations  //  Valentina Zhuravleva, The Astronaut  //  Vladimir Dudintsev, A New Year's Fairy Tale  //  Konstantin

Tsiolkovsky, On the Moon

Russian Science Fiction 1968

Robert Magidoff, ed.


<  1968, 1st edition

New York University Press / University of London Press


Hardcover, xii+211 pages



  •  Introduction by Robert Magidoff.

  •  Translated by Helen Jacobson.

Fiction: Gennady Gor, A Dweller in Two Worlds  //  I. Rosokhvatsky, Desert Encounter  //  R. Podolny, For the First

Time  //  R. Podolny, It Is Impossible to Sail the Sea  //  Anatole Dnieprov, The Heroic Feat  //  I. Lukodyanov, E.

Voiskunsky, Formula for the Impossible  //  Kirill Bulychev, Life Is So Dull for Little Girls  //  Y. Safronov, Thread of

Life  //  M. Emtsev, E. Parnov, The Mystery of Green Crossing  //  Valentina Zhuravleva, Storm  //  I. Varshavsky,

Homunculus  //  I. Varshavsky, Conflict  //  R. Yarov, The Founding of Civilization  //  Vladlen Bakhnov, The Robotniks  

//  Vladlen Bakhnov, Mutiny

Russian Science Fiction 1969

Robert Magidoff, ed.


<  1969, 1st edition

New York University Press


Hardcover, viii+210 pages



  •  Preface by Robert Magidoff, essay 'In the Land of Science Fiction' by Vladimir Dmitrevsky, essay 'Journey Into the

     Future' by Daniil Granin.

  •  Translated by various translators.

Fiction: Vladlen Bakhnov, Unique  //  Vladlen Bakhnov, Speaking of Demonology  //  Anatoly Dnieprov, Crabs Take

Over the Island  //  Gennady Gor, The Garden  //  A. Xlebnikov, Human Frailty  //  Vadim Shefner, A Modest Genius:

A Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups  //  Ilya Varshavsky, A Raid Takes Place at Midnight  //  Isai Lukodyanov, Yevgeny

Voiskunsky, A Farewell on the Shore  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, Robot Humor  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov,  To Each His

Own  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, "Out of the Mouths of Babes ... !"  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, The Real Give-Away  //  E.

Muslin, B. Zubkov, "Tell It Like It Is!"  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, The Law of Conserving Energy  //  E. Muslin, B.

Zubkov, Nothing New Under the Sun  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, Robot Chit-Chat  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, Questions,

Questions!  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, Barankin Wants to Be a Robot  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, Ingenious Lovers  //  E.

Muslin, B. Zubkov, "Not What Meets the Eye!"  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, "Things Are Bad All Over!"  //  E. Muslin, B.

Zubkov, Easy Come, Easy Go  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, It's the Big Things in Life ..."  //  E. Muslin, B. Zubkov, A

Super Skeptic  //  Gennady Gor, The Minotaur (abridged)