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Anthology: People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

Editor:  Nisi Shawl

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


People of Color Take Over Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

Nisi Shawl, ed.


<  2017, 1st edition

Positronic Publishing

ISBN 978-1-5154-1243-4




  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Su-Yee Lin, What Futures  //  Stephen Graham Jones, Shadow Animals  //  Minsoo Kang, The Sacrifice of

the Hanged Monkey  //  E. Lily Yu, Darkout  //  Jennifer Marie Brissett, The Executioner  //  Jermaine McGill, I

Understand  //  Paul Miles, Walking Around Money  //  Christopher Caldwell, Serving Fish  //  Eliza Victoria, Fortitude  

//  Alex Jennings, Maggie Doll  //  Nalo Hopkinson, Glass Bottle Trick  //  Henry Lien, The Great Leap of Shin  //  

Tlotlo Tsamaase, The Palapye White Birch  //  Tonya Liburd, The Ace of Knives  //  Irette Y. Patterson, Legacy  //  

Alberto Yáñez, Recognizing Gabe: un cuento de hadas

Essays: S. Qiouyi Lu, Must Watch TV: Into the Badlands  //  Erin Roberts, Rebirth, Truth-with-a-Tea, and FIYAH  //  

Terence Taylor, Read Me! 7  //  Darcie Little Badger, Hopefulbright to the Rescue!  //  Maurice Broaddus, Star Trek's

Lt. Cmdr. Worf and His Journey of Ontological Klingon-ness