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Anthology series: Nature Futures

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Henry Gee  |  Colin Sullivan

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Futures from Nature

Henry Gee, ed.


Library edition: November 2008, 1st edition


ISBN 978-0-7653-1806-0

Trade paperback, 320 pages



  •  Introduction 'Nostalgia for the Future' by Henry Gee.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white or linked in blue.

Fiction: Brian Aldiss, Cognitive Ability and the Light Bulb  //  Gilles Amon, Don't Imitate  //  Neal Asher, Check Elastic

Before Jumping  //  Nate Balding, Twenty2  //  Stephen Baxter, Under Martian Ice  //  Barrington J. Bayley, Party

Smart Card  //  Greg Bear, RAM Shift Phase 2  //  Gregory Benford, A Life with a Semisent  //  Lucy Bergman,

Damned If You Don't  //  David Berreby, The Punishment Fits the Crime  //  Tobias S. Buckell, Toy Planes  //  J. Casti,

A Concrete Example  //  Arthur Chrenkoff, The Aching of Dion Harper  //  Arthur C. Clarke, Improving the

Neighborhood  //  Jack Cohen, Omphalosphere: New York 2057  //  Ron Collins, Picasso's Cat  //  Brenda Cooper,

My Grandfather's River  //  Kathryn Cramer, Sandcastles: A Dystopia  //  Jeff Crook, Adam's Hot Dogs at the End of

the World  // Penelope Kim Crowther, The Party's Over  //  Roland Denison, Transport of Delight  //  Paul Di Filippo,

The Perfect Lover  //  Cory Doctorow, Printcrime  //  David Eagleman, A Brief History of Death Switches  //  Greg

Egan, Only Connect  //  Warren Ellis, At the Zoo  //  Michael Garrett Farrelly, The Liquidators  //  John M. Ford, In the

Days of the Comet  //  James Alan Gardner, Ars Longa, Vita Brevis  //  Henry Gee, Are We Not Men?  //  John Gilbey,

It Never Rains in VR  //  Jim Giles, Gordy Gave Me Your Name  //  Hiromi Goto, Nostalgia  //  Nicola Griffith, Spawn

of Satan?  //  Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Take Over  //  Eileen Gunn, Speak, Geek  //  Joe Haldeman, Heartwired  //  

Peter F. Hamilton, The Forever Kitten  //  Harry Harrison, The Road to the Year 3000  //  Jeff Hecht, Operation Tesla  

//  Fredric Heeren, Making the Sale  //  Tom Holt, Subpoenaed in Syracuse  //  Nalo Hopkinson, Men Sell Not Such in

Any Town  //  Gwyneth Jones, Total Internal Reflection  //  Ellen Klages, Ringing Up Baby  //  Jim Kling, Semi-

Autonomous  //  Nancy Kress, Product Development  //  Larissa Lai, I Love Liver: A Romance  //  Geoffrey A. Landis,

Avatars in Space  //  David Langford, Comp.Basilisk FAQ  //  Reinaldo José Lopes, Gathering of the Clans  //  Ian R.

MacLeod, Taking Good Care of Myself  //  Ken MacLeod, Undead Again  //  Elisabeth Malartre, Words, Words,

Words  //  David Marusek, My Morning Glory  //  Neil Mathur, Don't Mention the "F" Word  //  Paul McAuley, Meat  //  

Jack McDevitt, The Candidate  //  Vonda N. McIntyre, A Modest Proposal for the Perfection of Nature  //  Donna

McMahon, The Republic of George's Island  //  Robert A. Metzger, The Stars My Incarnation  //  Paul Steven Miller,

The Computiful Game  //  Syne Mitchell, Oscar Night, 2054  //  Michael Moorcock, The Visible Men  //  Oliver Morton,

The Albian Message  //  Euan Nisbet, Photons Do Not Lie  //  Salvador Nogueira, Stranger in the Night  //  Gareth

Owens, Tick-Tock Curly-Wurly  //  Ashley Pellegrino, Daddy's Slight Miscalculation  //  Frederik Pohl, Brain Drain  //  

Mike Resnick, Great Unreported Discoveries No. 163  //  Alastair Reynolds, Feeling Rejected  //  Peter Roberts, The

Trial of Jeremy Owens  //  Kim Stanley Robinson, Prometheus Unbound, At Last  //  Justina Robson, Dreadnought  

//  Benjamin Rosenbaum, Falling  //  Rudy Rucker, Panpsychism Proved  // Robert J. Sawyer, The Abdication of

Pope Mary III  //  Catherine H. Shaffer, The Charge-Up Man  //  Biren Shah, From the Desk of Jarrod Foster  //  

Robert Silverberg, Pluto Story  //  Dan Simmons, Madame Bovary, C'est Moi  //  Joan Slonczewski, Tuberculosis

Bacteria Join UN  //  Paul Smaglik, For He on Honeydew Hath Fed...  //  Norman Spinrad, A Man of the Theater  //  

Bruce Sterling, Ivory Tower  //  Ian Stewart, Play it Again, Psam  //  Charles Stross, MAXO Signals  //  Igor Teper,

Golden Year  //  Scarlett Thomas, Paratext  //  Joan D. Vinge, Murphy's Cat  //  Vernor Vinge, Win a Nobel Prize!  //  

Theo von Hohenheim, A Leap of Faith  //  Ian Watson, Nadia's Nectar  //  Matt Weber, Statler Pulchrifex  //  Scott

Westerfeld, All Is Not Lost  //  Ian Whates, The Key  //  Heather M. Whitney, The Godmother Protocols  //  Robert

Charles Wilson, The Great Good-bye  //  K. Erik Ziemelis, Pigs on the Wing

Nature Futures 2

Henry Gee, Colin Sullivan, eds.


<  September 2014, 1st edition


ISBN 978-1-4668-7998-0




  •  Introduction 'When Destiny Calls' by Colin Sullivan.

  •  Relevant contents are linked in blue.

Fiction: S. R. Algernon, A Pocket Full of Phlogiston  //  Madeline Ashby, The Chair  //  Neal Asher, Recoper  //  Tony

Ballantyne, The Cleverest Man in the World  //  Barrington J. Bayley, Formic Gender Disorder  //  Elizabeth Bear,

Annie Webber  // Jacey Bedford, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Panda  // Anatoly Belilovsky, Gifts of the

Magi  //  Gregory Benford, Caveat Time Traveller  //  David Berreby, Eating with Integrity  //  Ananyo Bhattacharya,

Expectancy Theory  // David G. Blake, To My Father  //  Polenth Blake, War of the Roses  //  Keith Brooke, likeMe  //  

Eric Brown, In the Recovery Room  //  Tobias Buckell, The Universe Reef  //  Steve Carper, A Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss  

//  Sarah K. Castle, Life, Abundant and with Simple Joy  //  Priya Chand, Reach for the Stars  //  Brenda Cooper, Tea

with Jillian  //  Robert Nathan Correll, Squealer  //  Elizabeth Counihan, Acting Up  //  Kathryn Cramer, You, in

Emulation  //  T. F. Davenport, Jenna's Clocks  //  Sean Davidson, High on the Hog  //  Robert Dawson, Pop-ups  //  

Paul Di Filippo, The Omniplus Ultra  //  Joe Dunckley, The Gower Street Cuckoos  //  Peter J. Enyeart, Transmission

Received  //  Dan Erlanson, A Perfect Drug  //  Ronald D. Ferguson, Words and Music  //  Simon Quellen Field,

Recursion  //  John Frizell, Non-Skid  //  John Gilbey, Corrective Action  //  David W. Goldman, Health Tips for

Traveller  //  Dan Gollub, The Chess Players  // John Grant, Buzz Off  //  Richard P. Grant, Man of Steel  //  Preston

Grassmann, Midnight in the Cathedral of Time  //  Lee Hallison, The Best of Us  //  Nye Joell Hardy, Press '1' to

Begin  //  Merrie Haskell, Fine-Tuning the Universe  //  Martin Hayes, Me Am Petri  //  Jeff Hecht, Event Horizon  //  

Tania Hershman, The Perfect Egg  //  Ken Hinckley, The Ostracons of Europa  //  Joses Ho, Her Name Was Jane  //  

Taik Hobson, Midnight at the A&E  //  Kerstin Hoppenhaus, Trying to Let Go  //  Gareth D. Jones, World Wire Web  

//  Rahul Kanakia, Ted Agonistes  //  James Patrick Kelly, Shoppers  //  Swapna Kishore, The Problem of Junior  //  

David Langford, Warez  //  Susan Lanigan, Stay Special  //  Tanith Lee, Dead Yellow  //  Shelly Li, A Good Time  //  

Jessica May Lin, Mortar Flowers  //  Marissa Lingen, The Stuff We Don't Do  //  Ken Liu, Monkeys  //  Clayton Locke,

A Game of Self-Deceit  //  Steve Longworth, Succussion  //  Michael W. Lucht, After Experiment Seven  //  Nick

Mamatas, Escapism  //  David Marusek, Hard Man to Surprise  //  William Meikle, Twitterspace  //  Mark W. Moffett,

Picnic with Ants  //  John Moran, Be Swift, My Darling  //  Neale Morison, Can of Wormholes  //  Anand Odhav

Naranbhai, George and Priti  //  Gareth Owens, Frog in a Bucket  //  Conor Powers-Smith, For Your Information  //  

João Ramalho-Santos, Invisible  //  Mike Resnick, A Better Mousetrap  //  Jennifer Rohn, The Pair-Bond Imperative  

//  H. E. Roulo, Immeasurable  //  Alex Shvartsman, The Rumination on What Isn't  //  Amber D. Sistla, Unglued  //  

Mohamad Atif Slim, Out of the Blue  //  Matthew Sanborn Smith, Steve Sepp, Tasty! Tasty!  //  Norman Spinrad, The

Silver Bullet and the Golden Goose  //  Vaughan Stanger, Dark They Were, and Strange Inside  //  Philip T. Starks,

Survivors and Saviours  // Ian Stewart, The Day We Made History  //  Eric James Stone, The Greatest Science-Fiction

Story Ever Written  //  Ian Randal Strock, 1-9-4-Blue-3-7-2-6-Gamma-Tetrahedron  //  Rachel Swirsky, Extremes  //  

Grace Tang, White Lies  //  Julian Tang, Expatriate  //  Adrian Tchaikovsky, 21st-Century Girl //  Igor Teper, A

Sentence to Life  //  Joost Uitdehaag, Life in a Monastic Lab  //  William T. Vandemark, Let Slip the Dogs  //  Scott

Virtes, To All Sister Capsules  //  Deborah Walker, Glass Future  //  Ian Watson, The Drained World  //  Ian Whates, A

Piratical Sabbatical  //  Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, The Front Line  //  George Zebrowski, The Cambrian  //  Stephanie

Zvan, Here Be Monsters