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Anthology: Mekong Shadows: Tales from Cambodia

Editor:  Iain Donnelly

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments: Steven W. Palmer is a pseudonym of the editor, Iain Donnelly.


Mekong Shadows: Tales from Cambodia

Iain Donnelly, ed.


Library edition: August 2017, 1st edition

Saraswati Publishing

ISBN 978-9-9249-1404-4




  •  Introduction by Iain Donnelly.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction.

Fiction: Kosal Khiev, Returning  //  James Newman, La Petite Mort  //  Alasdair McLeod, A Low Sun  //  Jim Algie,

Genocide Girls and Boys [excerpt]  //  Mark Bibby Jackson, Sleeping Beauty  //  John Fengler, Stamp of Approval  //  

Bob Couttie, Swing the Cat //  Ek Madra, Fight the Enemy, Find Love  //  T. Hunt Locke, Two for the Road  //  

Vorsnar Ses, Little Girl and the Hat  //  Steven W. Palmer, Oun Srolanh Bong  //  Chad Evans, The Tuk Tukker of

Doom  //  Matt Carrell, The Hill of Poisonous Trees  //  John Daysh, Snow  //  Tom Vater, Excerpt from Cambodian

Book of the Dead  //  Philip Coggan, Dark Son  //  Voleak Phan, Raindrops  //  Joel Quenby, Shifting Fortunes  //  

John Burdett, Happy Ending

Poetry: Yulia Khouri, Woman