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Anthology series: Laksa Anthology Series: Speculative Fiction

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Susan Forest  |  Lucas K. Law  |  Derwin K. Mak

Language:  English

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Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts

Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law, eds.


<  August 2016, 1st edition

Laksa Media

ISBN 978-0-9939696-4-5

Hardcover, 368 pages



  •  Foreword by Lucas K. Law, Introduction by Julie E. Czerneda, Afterword by Susan Forest.

Fiction: Kelley Armstrong, The Culling  //  Suzanne Church, Dallas's Booth  //  Amanda Sun, What Harm  //  A. C.

Wise, How Objects Behave on the Edge of a Black Hole  //  Ursula Pflug, Washing Lady's Hair  //  Tyler Keevil, The

Weeds and the Wildness  //  Bev Geddes, Living in Oz  //  Edward Willett, I Count the Lights  //  James Alan Gardner,

The Dog and the Sleepwalker  //  Rich Larson, Carnivores  //  A. M. Dellamonica, Tribes  //  Sherry Peters, Troubles  

//  Erika Holt, Frog Song  //  Mahtab Narsimhan, Wrath of Gaia  //  Derwin Mak, Songbun  //  Gemma Files, What You

See (When the Lights Are Out)  //  Robert Runté, The Age of Miracles  //  Hayden Trenholm, Marion's War  //  Lorina

Stephens, The Intersection

Seasons Between Us: Tales of Identities and Memories

Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law, eds.


<  August 2021, 1st edition

Laksa Media

ISBN 978-1-9881-4016-2

Hardcover, 362 pages



  •  Foreword by Lucas K. Law, Introduction by Candas Jane Dorsey, Afterword by Susan Forest.

Fiction:  C. J. Cheung, Clear Waters  //  Heather Osborne, Groven  //  Rich Larson, Robocare  //  Y. M. Pang, Dress

of Ash  //  Patrick Swenson, Hope to See the Ghost Tonight  //  Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, Hayden Trenholm, Lay

Down Your Heart  //  Karin Lowachee, The Veil Between  //  Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Sympathétique  //  Bev Geddes,

The Selkie's Skin  //  S. B. Divya, Messages Left in Transit, Devices Out of Sync  //  Vanessa Cardui, Joe  //  Tyler

Keevil, Summer of Our Discontent  //  Karina Sumner-Smith, A Grave Between Them  //  Joyce Chng, Blue Kueh  //  

Eric Choi, Second Thoughts  //  Maurice Broaddus, The Sabhu My Destination  //  Bogi Takács, The Hidden

Knowledge Society  //  Amanda Sun, The Light of Stars  //  Brent Nichols, The Hollow Oath //  Maria Haskins, When

Resin Burns to Tar  //   Alan Dean Foster, Exchange of Perspective  //  Jane Yolen, The Astronaut's Four Seasons

Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders

Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law, eds.


<  September 2018, 1st edition

Laksa Media

ISBN 978-1-988140-08-7

Hardcover, 408 pages



  •  Foreword by Lucas K. Law, Introduction by Eric Choi and Gillian Clinton, Afterword by Susan Forest.

Fiction: Rich Larson, Porque el Girasol Se Llama el Girasol  //  Jeremy Szal, Inkskinned  //  Alex Shvartsman,

Defender of Mogadun  // Kate Heartfield, Gilbert Tong's Life List  //  Matthew Kressel, The Marsh of Camarina  //

Karin Lowachee, Invasio  //  Christie Yant, Habitat  //  Amanda Sun, The Travellers  //  Liz Westbrook-Trenholm,

Critical Mass  //  Julie Novakova, Screen in Silver, Love in Colour, Mirror in Black-and-White  //  Heather Osborne,

From the Shoals of Broken Cities  //  Hayden Trenholm, In a Bar by the Ocean, the World Waits  //  Elsie Chapman,

Imago  //  Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Shades of Void  //  Tonya Liburd, Superfreak  //  Sarah Raughley, The Vagabond of

Trudeau High  //  Brent Nichols, The Swordmaster of Ravenpeak  //  Seanan McGuire, Remember the Green  //  S. L.

Huang, Devouring Tongues  //  Tyler Keevil, Voices

Poetry: Vanessa Cardui, How My Life Will End

The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound

Susan Forest, Lucas K. Law, eds.


<  September 2017, 1st edition

Laksa Media

ISBN 978-1-988140-03-2

Hardcover, 365 pages



  •  Foreword by Lucas K. Law, Introduction by Dominik Parisien, Afterword by Susan Forest.

Fiction: Ian Creasey, The Dunschemin Retirement Home for Repentant Supervillains  //  A. M. Dellamonica,

Bottleneck  //  James Van Pelt, Mother Azalea's Sad Home for Forgotten Adults  //  Christie Yant, Things That Creep

and Bind  //  Bev Geddes, The Gift  //  Juliet Marillier, The Gatekeeper  //  Colleen Anderson, The Healer's Touch  //  

Brenda Cooper, The Crystal Harvester  //  Hayden Trenholm, The Burdens We Bear  //  Heather Osborne, A Mother's

Milk  //  Edward Willett, The Mother's Keepers  //  Karina Sumner-Smith, The Oracle and the Warlord  //  Sandra

Kasturi, The Beautiful Gears of Dying  //  Amanda Sun, The Gardener  //  Claire Humphrey, Number One Draft Pick  

//  Charlotte Ashley, Orang Tua Adventure Home Academy  //  Nisi Shawl, Sunshine of Your Love  //  Matt Moore,

Good-Bye Is That Time Between Now and Forever  //  Alex Shvartsman, Ambassador to the Meek  //  Liz

Westbrook-Trenholm, Gone Flying  //  Kate Story, Am I Not a Proud Outlier?  //  Tyler Keevil, Blinders  //  Caroline M.

Yoachim, Dreams as Fragile as Glass

Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction and Fantasy

Lucas K. Law, Derwin Mak, eds.


Library edition: October 2017, 1st edition, 1st printing

Laksa Media

ISBN 978-0-9939696-5-2

Trade paperback, 352 pages



  •  Foreword by Lucas K. Law, Introduction by Elsie Chapman, Afterword by Derwin Mak.

Fiction: Tony Pi, Spirit of Wine  // Jeremy Szal, The dataSultan of Streets and Stars  //  Amanda Sun, Weaving Silk  //  

Angela Yuriko Smith, Vanilla Rice  //  S. B. Divya, Looking Up  //  Miki Dare, A Star Is Born  //  Ruhan Zhao, My Left

Hand  //  Gabriela Lee, DNR  //  Diana Xin, A Visitation for the Spirit Festival  // Calvin D. Jim, Rose's Arm  //  Regina

Kanyu Wang, Back to Myan  //  Karin Lowachee, Meridian  //  Pamela Q. Fernandes, Joseon Fringe  //  Minsoo

Kang, Wintry Hearts of Those Who Rise  //  Deepak Bharathan, Udātta Śloka  //  Melissa Yuan-Innes, Crash  //  

Priya Sridhar, Memoriam  // E. C. Myers, The Observer Effect  //  Joyce Chng, Decision  //  Anne Carly Abad, Moon

Halves  //  Rati Mehrotra, The Bridge of Dangerous Longings  //  Fonda Lee, Old Souls  //  Naru Dames Sundar, The

Orphans of Nilaveli