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Anthology: In This Desert, There Were Seeds

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Jon Gresham  |  Elizabeth Tan

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments: Co-published by Ethos Books in Singapore and Margaret River Press in Western Australia.


In This Desert, There Were Seeds

Elizabeth Tan, Jon Gresham, eds.


Library edition:  December 2019, 1st edition

Ethos Books / Margaret River Press

ISBN 978-0-6484850-9-4




  •  Foreword by Sharon Flindell, Introduction by Elizabeth Tan and Jon Gresham.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction, Asian spec-fic contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction:  Cyril Wong, Harihara  //  David Whish-Wilson, Vigilance Security  //  Choo Ruizhi, Aviatrix  //  Sabrina

Dudgeon-Swift, The Wave  //  Chen Cuifen, Reunion Dinner  //  Rashida Murphy, Death Lilies  //  Rajkumar

Thiagaras, The White Lotus: Sinking to the Bottom  //  Jay Anderson, Flies  //  Jinny Koh, Contentment  //  Alicia

Tuckerman, Glass  //  Laurie Steed, Sometimes Close, Sometimes Distant  //  Marylyn Tan, The Blue Leopard  //  

Tinashe Jakwa, Purple Flowers  //  Rachelle Rechichi, Dark Mulberry  //  Aishah Alhadad, Datuk's Home  //  Heather

Teo, Gently Burns the Crescent Moon  //  Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes, Maqdala1868/London 2018  //  Arin Alycia Fong,

Walking on Water  //  Leslie Thiele, The Slaughterman  //  Diana Rahim, A Minor Kalahari