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Anthology: Home Groan: A NutMag Anthology

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Anna Tan

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Home Groan: A Nutmag Anthology

Anna Tan, ed.


Library edition: December 2020, 1st edition

Malaysian Writers Society

ISBN 978-967-16599-3-9


Unknown price


  •  Foreword by Anna Tan.

  •  Contains both genre and non-genre fiction (undetermined).

Fiction: Wan Phing Lim, The Goddess and the Sea  //  Lucille Dass, Plaintive Groans Aplenty on the Home Front  //  

Red Beanie, Ah Wang Café  //  Winston Lim, Spice of Life  //  Anna Tan, Regrets  //  Kang Chung Yee, Visit Penang

2020: Good Food, Good Pople, Good Places to Visit  //  Tan Jie Ying, The Colour of Glass  //  Wilson Khor W.H.,

Walking Along the Streets  // Anis Rozalina Ramli, The Pickpocket  //  Chee Siew Hoong, my grandfather’s garden  //  

Sukanya Dhanarajan, The Mysterious Attraction of Penang  //  Krishnaveni K. K. Panikker, Janaki's Journey  //  

Orange Ong, Growing Up in BM  // NightShade, Lament of a Wandering Soul  //  Yee Heng Yeh, Scene at Sungai

Burung Estuary  //  Celine Wu, Ash to Ashes  //  Vanessa Woodruff, Reflections  //  Elaine Lee Yew Mei, Musings

from the Land of Penang One Better Lah  //  Rachel Yeoh, Mama and Me  //  Yong-Yu Huang, saturday morning bak

kut teh  //  Mandy Chee, Of Sweat and Dirt for Ais Kacang: Ruminations About Growing Up and Setting Down Roots in

Penang  //  Dan Lee, An Ode to a Former Prince