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Anthology: Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Mysterious East

Editor:  Achmed Abdullah

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Fifty Enthralling Stories of the Mysterious East

Achmed Abdullah, ed.


<  First edition, July 1937

Odhams Press


Hardcover, 704 pages

No cover price


  •  Contains genre and non-genre fiction (partially determined).

Fiction: Sax Rohmer, The Man With the Shaven Skull  //  Hubert S. Banner, Out of the Jungle  //  W. Somerset

Maugham, Footprints in the Jungle  //  Maud Diver, One Way of Justice  //  Vsevolod Ivanov, When I Was a Fakir  //  

Pearl S. Buck, The Frill  //  H. de Vere Stacpoole, The Rajah of Gool  //  Henry Peterson, The Sword of Ridicule  //  

Dale Collins, The Victor  //  Joseph Conrad, The Lagoon  //  Richard Carol, Education Tells  //  Ernest Bramah, Kin

Yen, the Picture-Maker  //  Kathlyn Rhodes, The Traitor  //  James Morier, The Story of the Baked Head  //  Algernon

Blackwood, By Water  //  Kathleen Wallace, The Head  //  Anthony Mills, I See Death  //  H. Rider Haggard, The

Kiss of Fate (excerpt)  //  Harold Lamb, At Alexander's Palace  //  Reginald Campbell, The Justice of Suan Hli  //  

Lafcadio Hearn, The Dream of Akinosuké  //  Pierre Loti, Death in the Desert (excerpt)  //  Achmed Abdullah, One –

Not Two  //  John Grant, Cress  //  J. Railton Holden, Cushy Ride  //  Dorothy Black, No Ladies' Man  //  Sax Rohmer,

Breath of Allah  //  Sidney Denham, The Prison of Sunset  //  Jacland Marmur, Why They Do It  //  unknown, Huqm

Chand, An Eastern Triangle  //  Reginald Campbell, The Hut in the Paddy Fields  //  Richard Carol, King of the

Beggars  //  Coutts Brisbane, Pain Bestowing Consequences  //  Dwan Sharar, The Tryst  //  Glen Aldons, Once in

Fifty Years  //  Sir Walter Scott, East and West (excerpt)  //  W. B. Bannerman, The Lost Patrol  //  M. E. Rutt, Kati's

Hand Strikes  //  H. Rider Haggard, The Tale of Philo (excerpt)  //  Anthony Mills, Cannon Ball Village  //  Lady

Dorothy Mills, A Romance of the Desert (excerpt)  //  Murray Sanford, The Toes of Abdul Fedullah  //  John Grant,

The Amateur Sheik  //  John Hamilton, Turbans and Termagants  //  Vincent Cornier, The Throat of Green Jasper  //  

Rustam Khan-Urf, The Slaver Is Ambushed (excerpt)  //  W. Gifford Palgrave, The Love of Hermann Agha (excerpt)  

//  Captain Frederick Marryat, The Scarred Lover  //  Sirdar lkbal Ali Shah, The Golden Caravan

Essays: Meadows Taylor, A Thug's First Victim