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Anthology: Dreaming of Djinn

Editor:  Liz Grzyb

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Dreaming of Djinn

Liz Grzyb, ed.


<  First edition, May 2015

Ticonderoga Publications

ISBN 978-1-921857-35-5

Trade paperback, 335 pages



  •  New tales of the Arabian Nights.

  •  Introduction by Liz Grzyb.

Fiction: Marilag Angway, Shadow Dancer  //  Charlotte Nash, Parvaz  //  Joshua Gage, The Dancer of Smoke  //  

Angela Rega, The Belly Dancing Crimes of Ms Sahara Desserts, or, For the Love of the Pudding  //  Alan Baxter, On

a Crooked Leg Lightly  //  Thoraiya Dyer, The Saint George Hotel  //  Barb Siples, The Sultan's Debt  //  Pia Van

Ravestein, Street Dancer  //  Havva Murat, Harmony Thicket and the Persian Shoes  //  Cherith Baldry, The Green

Rose  //  Anthony Panegyres, Oleander: An Ottoman Tale  //  D. C. White, A Dash of Djinn and Tonic  //  Richard

Harland, Romance of the Arrow Girl  // Jetse de Vries, Djinni Djinni Dream Dream  //  Dan Rabarts, Silver, Sharp as

Silk  //  Jenny Schwartz, The Pearl Flower Harvest  //  Jenny Blackford, The Quiet Realm of the Dark Queen  //  

Faith Mudge, The Oblivion Box