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Anthology: Diaspora Ad Astra: An Anthology of Science Fiction from the


Editors (alphabetically listed):  Emil M. Flores  |  Joseph Frederic F. Nacino

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Diaspora Ad Astra

Emil M. Flores, Joseph Frederic F. Nacino, eds.


<  First edition, August 2013

University of the Philippines Press

ISBN 978-971-542-710-4

Trade paperback, xii+200 pages

Unknown cover price


Fiction: Professor Emil Flores, War Zone Angel  //  Carljoe Javier, The Day the Sexbomb Dancers Invaded Our

Brains  //   Dean Francis Alfar, The Malaya  //  Vince Torres, The Cost of Living  //  Raymund P. Reyes, Ina Dolor's

Last Stand  //  Alex Osias, Oplan Sanction  //  Audrey Villacorta, The Keeper  //  Dannah Ruth S. Ballesteros, Ashes

Ember  //  Eliza Victoria, Rizal  //  Katya Oliva-Llego, Gene Rx  //  Raydon Reyes, Robots and a Slice of Pizza  //  

Raven Guerrero, Lucky  //  Isabel Yap, A List of Things We Know  //  Celestine Trinidad, Taking Gaia  //  Anne

Lagamayo, Space Enough and Time