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Anthology: Beyond the Woods: Fairy Tales Retold

Editor:  Paula Guran

Language:  English

Bibliographic comments:

Beyond the Woods: Fairy Tales Retold

Paula Guran, ed.


<  First edition, May 2016

Night Shade Books

ISBN 978-1-59780-838-5

Trade paperback, 523 pages



  •  'Introduction: Throwing In' by Paula Guran.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Tanith Lee, Red As Blood  //  Gene Wolfe, In the House of Gingerbread  //  Angela Slatter, The Bone Mother  

//  Elizabeth Bear, Follow Me Light  //  Yoon Ha Lee, The Coin of Heart's Desire  //  Nalo Hopkinson, The Glass Bottle

Trick  //  Catherynne M. Valente, The Maiden Tree  //  Holly Black, The Coat of Stars  //  Caitlín R. Kiernan, The

Road of Needles  //  Kelly Link, Travels with the Snow Queen  //  Karen Joy Fowler, Halfway People  //  Margo

Lanagan, Catastrophic Disruption of the Head  //  Shveta Thakrar, Lavanya and Deepika  //  Theodora Goss,

Princess Lucinda and the Hound of the Moon  //  Gardner Dozois, Fairy Tale  //  Peter S. Beagle, The Queen Who

Could Not Walk  //  Priya Sharma, Lebkuchen  //  Neil Gaiman, Diamonds and Pearls: A Fairy Tale  //  Richard Bowes,

The Queen and the Cambion  //  Jane Yolen, Memoirs of a Bottle Djinn  //  Octavia Cade, The Mussel Eater  //  Steve

Duffy, Bears: A Fairy Tale of 1958  //  Charles de Lint, The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep  //  Veronica Schanoes,

Rats  //  Rachel Swirsky, Beyond the Naked Eye  //  Ken Liu, Good Hunting  //  Kirstyn McDermott, By the Moon's

Good Grace  //  Peter Straub, The Juniper Tree  //  Jeff VanderMeer, Greensleeves  //  Tanith Lee, Beauty