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Magazine: Renditions

Editors: Mingwei Song  |  and others

Language: English

ISSN: 0377-3515

Issues: 1973 – present

Websites:  Research Centre for Translation  |  Galactic Central  |  Wikipedia

Bibliographic comments: Chinese-to-English translations magazine published by the Research Centre for Translation, China.

• Only issues with contents of interest to this library are listed here.

Renditions, #77–78

Mingwei Song, ed.

Library edition: Spring & Autumn 2012

Research Centre for Translation, Institute of Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Perfectbound, 288 pages



  •  'Editor's Page' by Theodore Huters, 'Preface' by Mingwei Song.

  •  Special issue on 'Chinese Science Fiction: Late Qing and the Contemporary'.

  •  'New Tales of Mr Braggadocio' translated by Nathaniel Isaacson.

  •  'New Story of the Stone: excerpts' translated by Sterling Swallow.

  •  'The Art of Creating Humanity' translated by Suozi (Lu Xun), re-translated by Carlos Rojas.

  •  'The Secret Room' translated by Christopher G. Rea.

  •  'The Poetry Cloud' translated by Chi-Yin Ip and Cheuk Wong.

  •  'The Village Schoolteacher' translated by Christopher Elford and Jiang Chenxin.

  •  'The Passengers and the Creator' translated by Nathaniel Isaacson.

  •  'The Reincarnated Giant' translated by Carlos Rojas.

  •  'The Radio Waves That Never Die' translated by Petula Parris-Huang.

  •  '1923 - A Fantasy' translated by Nicky Harman and Pang Zhaoxia.

  •  'The Rainforest' translated by Jie Li.

  •  'The Demon's Head' translated by David Hull.

  •  'The Demon-Enslaving Flask'  translated by Linda Rui Feng.

Fiction: Xu Nianci, New Tales of Mr Braggadocio  //  Wu Jianren, New Story of the Stone: excerpts  //  Louise Strong,

The Art of Creating Humanity  //  Xu Zhuodai, The Secret Room  //  Liu Cixin, The Poetry Cloud  //  Liu Cixin, The

Village Schoolteacher  //  Han Song, The Passengers and the Creator  //  Wang Jinkang, The Reincarnated Giant  //  

La La, The Radio Waves That Never Die  //  Zhao Haihong, 1923 – A Fantasy  //  Chi Hui, The Rainforest  //  Fei Dao,

The Demon's Head  //  Xia Jia, The Demon-Enslaving Flask