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วินทร์ เลียววาริณ  |  Win Lyovarin

Legal name:  วินทร์ เลียววาริณ

Transliterated name:  Lyovarin, Win

Birth place:  Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, Thailand

Birth date:  23 March 1956

Language:  Thai

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Short fiction chapbooks

The Flight of Rart Rart Eikkatheit’s Three Worlds

Unknown first year of publication

Library edition: 2009

Thai Fiction


PDF, 72 pages



  •  The full title of this novella is The Flight of Rart Rart Eikkatheit's Three Worlds. The strikethrough is a typographic

     innovation that is also used within the story.

  •  Translated by Marcel Barang.

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