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김보영  |  Kim Bo-Young

Legal name:  김보영

Transliterated name:  Kim Bo-Young

Birth place:  South Korea

Birth date:  1975

Language:  Korean


Bibliographic comments:  Also as by Bo-young Kim.

Biographic comments:  




I’m Waiting for You


Library edition: April 2021, 1st English language UK edition, 1st printing


ISBN 978-0-00-843379-6

Hardcover 316 pages



  •  Translated by Sophie Bowman and Sung Ryu.

  •  'Author's Notes', 'The Prophet of Corruption Glossary' and 'More on the Origin of Names' by Kim Bo-Young,

     'Translators' Notes' by Sophie Bowman and Sung Ryu, and 'Original Reader's Notes' (uncredited).

Fiction: I'm Waiting for You  //  The Prophet of Corruption  //  That One Life  //  On My Way to You


On the Origin of Species and Other Stories


Library edition: May 2021, 1st English language edition, 1st printing

Kaya Press

ISBN 978-1-8850-3071-9

Trade paperback, 224 pages



  •  Introduction 'A Brief Reflection on Breasts' by Bo-young Kim.

  •  Edited and with an Afterword by Sunyoung Park.

  •  Translated by Joungmin Lee Comfort and Sora Kim-Russell.

Fiction: Scripter  //  Between Zero and One  //  An Evolutionary Myth  //  Last of the Wolves  //  On the Origin of Species  

//  Stars Shine in Earth's Sky  //  On the Origin of Species and What Might Have Happened Thereafter