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Rakesh Khanna

Legal name:  Khanna, Rakesh

Birth place:  Berkeley, CA, USA

Birth date:  

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:  See also under Asia-specific anthologies.

Biographic comments:  Of Indian descent.




Ghosts, Monsters and Demons of India

with J. Furcifer Bhairav


<  December 2020, 1st edition

Blaft Publications

ISBN 978-9-3806-3646-7

Hardcover, 470 pages



  •  "An encyclopedia of evil entities and folkloric fiends from across the country".

  •  Illustrated by Appupen, Shyam, Samita Chatterjee, Rashmi Ruth Devadasan, Misha Michael, Pankaj Thapa, Vidyun

      Sabhaney, Osheen Siva and Priya Kuriyan.

Poetry: Joseph Furtado, The Ghost of Saligao Hill  //  Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Kumpur's Dream