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Joe Haldeman

Legal name: Haldeman, Joseph William

Birth place: Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Birth date: 9 June 1943

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:  Only Joe Haldeman's titles related to Asia are listed here.

Biographic comments:  




The Forever War


Library edition: October 2001, SF Masterworks hardcover edition, 1st printing


ISBN 0-575-07318-7

Hardcover, 254 pages



  •  Winner of the 1975 Nebula Award for Best Novel, and the 1976 Hugo and Locus Awards for Best Novel.

  •  Haldeman describes The Forever War as "an extended metaphor on Vietnam, mainly about the alienation of soldiers

     and veterans from the culture they risked their lives to protect – and also about the tendency of powerful weapons to

     bite their owners." – essay 'Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds', 1993.






Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds


Library edition: 1993, 1st edition, 1st printing


ISBN 0-915368-52-8

Hardcover, xi+223 pages



  •  Introduction by Joe Haldeman.

  •  'Vietnam and Other Alien Worlds' is an account of Haldeman's experiences serving in the Vietnam War.

  •  Library copy signed by the author in blue pen on the title page.

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