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Ian Campbell

Legal name: Campbell, Ian

Birth place: USA

Birth date:

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:




Arabic Science Fiction


<  May 2018, 1st edition

Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN 978-3-3199-1433-6




  •  Introduction by Ian Campbell.

Essays: Postcolonial Literature and Arabic SF  //  Arabic SF: Definitions and Origins  //  Criticism and Theory of Arabic

SF  //  Double Estrangement in Nihād Sharīf's The Conqueror of Time  //  Continuity Within Rupture in Two Novels by

Muṣṭafā Maḥmūd  //  "Utopia" as a Critique of Utopia in Ṣabrī Mūsā's The Gentleman from the Spinach Field  //  Male

Gaze as Colonial Gaze in 'Aḥmad 'Abd al-Salām al-Baqqāli's The Blue Flood  //  Mysticism and SF in Ṭālib 'Umrān's

Beyond the Veil of Time  //  Inheritance and Intertextuality in a Three-Novel Series by Ṭība 'Aḥmad Ibrāhīm

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