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Non-fiction anthology: With Both Feet on the Clouds

Editors (alphabetically listed): Elana Gomel  |  Rani Graff  |  Danielle Gurevitch

Language: English


Bibliographic comments: Translated version of a Hebrew-language anthology from 2009. This English translation omits nine

of the original articles and adds five new ones.


With Both Feet on the Clouds: Fantasy in Israeli Literature

Elana Gomel, Rani Graff, Danielle Gurevitch, eds.


<  February 2013, 2nd edition

Academic Studies Press

ISBN 978-1-936235-83-4

Hardcover, 309 pages



Essays: Danielle Gurevitch, What Is Fantasy?  //  Elana Gomel, What Is Reality?  //  Gail Hareven, What Is

Unimaginable?  //  Danielle Gurevitch, 'May He Come in Haste': Urban Fantasy in Soothsayer by Asaf Ashery  //  

Orley Marron, Etgar Keret's Fantastic Reality  //  Ruby Newman, Postmodern Jewish Superstition in David

Grossman's To the End of the Land  //  Eitan Bar-Yosef, Dybbuk, Husband, Home: Shmuel Hasfari and the Fantastic

Tradition in Israeli Theatre  //  Shmulik Duvdevani, Magical Realism in Israeli Cinema  //  Noa Manheim, The Grand

Old Witch of Dreams  //  Elana Gomel, The Man from the Yellow Star  //  Ioram Melcer, Why Doesn't It Rain Fish

Here?  //  Sahara Blau, Kosher Vampires: Jews, Vampires and Prejudice  //  Anat Aderet, Travel Literature: Itinerary of

an Armchair Traveler's Journey to Eretz Israel in a Seventeenth Century Yiddish Story  //  Ido Peretz, Ghost Stories in

Medieval Hebrew Folktales: The Case of Sefer Hasidim and Sippurei Ha-Ari  //  Bilhah Rubinstein, A Terrible Fable

and Enchanting Fiction: The Story of Josheph De-La Reina and Its Reflections in Two Novels of Yhoshua Bar Yosef  //  

Dov Schwartz, The Borders of Messianic Imagination in Jewish Thinking

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