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Anthology: Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors

Editors (alphabetically listed):  S. L. Huang  |  Kurt Hunt

Language:  English


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Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors

S. L. Huang, Kurt Hunt, eds.


<  March 2016, 1st edition

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  •  Preface by S. L. Huang and Kurt Hunt.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Charlotte Ashley, La Héron  //  Charlotte Ashley, Sigrid Under the Mountain  //  John Ayliff, Belt Three

(excerpt)  //  Lucas Bale, To Sing of Chaos and Eternal Night  //  Nicolette Barischoff, Pirate Songs  //  Nicolette

Barischoff, Follow Me Down  // Nicolette Barischoff, In the Woods Behind My House  //  Sofie Bird, 'A' Is for Alacrity,

Astronauts and Grief  //  Derrick Boden, Clay Soldiers  //  Derrick Boden, The Last Mardi Gras  //  Stefan Bolz, The

Traveler //  David Bruns, The Water Finder's Shadow  //  David Bruns, I, Caroline  //  Martin Cahill, It Was Never the

Fire  //  Martin Cahill, Vanilla  //  Aaron Canton, Dining Out  //  Aaron Canton, A Most Unusual Patriot  //  D. K.

Cassidy, Room 42  //  Zach Chapman, Between Screens  //  Curtis C. Chen, Zugzwang  //  Curtis C. Chen, Making

Waves  //  Curtis C. Chen, Laddie Come Home  //  Z. Z. Claybourne, Agents of Change  //  Liz Colter, The Ties That

Bind, the Chains That Break  //  Liz Colter, Echoes  //  Liz Colter, The Clouds in Her Eyes  //  Nik Constantine, Last

Transaction  //  Daniel J. Davis, The God Whisperer  //  S. B. Divya, Strange Attractors  //  S. B. Divya, The Egg  //  S.

B. Divya, Ships in the Night  //  Margaret Dunlap, Jane  //  Margaret Dunlap, Broken Glass  //  Margaret Dunlap,

Bookburners, Episode 5: The Market Arcanum  //  S. K. Dunstall, Linesman (excerpt)  //  Jonathan Edelstein, First Do

No Harm  //  Harlow C. Fallon, A Long Horizon  //  Rafaela F. Ferraz, The Lady of the House of Mirrors  //  Sam

Fleming, She Gave Her Heart, He Took Her Marrow  //  Annalee Flower Horne, Seven Things Cadet Blanchard

Learned from the Trade Summit Incident  //  Ron S. Friedman, Game Not Over  //  Ron S. Friedman, LUCA  //  David

Jón Fuller, The Harsh Light of Morning  //  David Jón Fuller, Caged  //  David Jón Fuller, In Open Air //  Sarah

Gailey, Bargain  //  Sarah Gailey, Haunted  //  Patricia Gilliam, The Backup  //  Jaymee Goh, Liminal Grid  //  Elad

Haber, Number One Hit  //  Auston Habershaw, Adaptation and Predation  //  Auston Habershaw, A Revolutionary's

Guide to Practical Conjuration  //  Philip Brian Hall, Spatchcock  //  Philip Brian Hall, The Waiting Room  //  Philip

Brian Hall, The Man on the Church Street Omnibus  //  John Gregory Hancock, The Antares Cigar Shoppe  //  Nin

Harris, Sang Rimau and the Medicine Woman  //  Nin Harris, Your Right Arm  //  C. A. Hawksmoor, Y Brenin  //  C. A.

Hawksmoor, Murder on the Laplacian Express  //  Sean Patrick Hazlett, Boomer Hunter  //  Sean Patrick Hazlett,

Entropic Order  //  Sean Patrick Hazlett, Chandler's Hollow  //  Holly Heisey, The Monastery of the Parallels  //  Holly

Heisey, An Understanding  //  Holly Heisey, Contents of Care Package to Etsath-tachri, Formerly Ryan Andrew Curran

(Human English Translated to Sedrayin)  //  Michael Patrick Hicks, Revolver  //  Michael Patrick Hicks, Preservation  

//  S. L. Huang, Hunting Monsters  //  S. L. Huang, By Degrees and Dilatory Time  //  S. L. Huang, Zero Sum Game

(excerpt)  //  Kurt Hunt, Paolo, Friend Paolo  //  Kurt Hunt, QSFT7mk2.7853 Has a Name  //  Kurt Hunt, Tigerskin  //  

L. S. Johnson, Vacui Magia  //  L. S. Johnson, Little Men with Knives  //  Cameron Johnston, The Economist & the

Dragon  //  Cameron Johnston, Head Games  //  Cameron Johnston, The Shadow Under Scotland  //  Rachael K.

Jones, Makeisha in Time  //  Rachael K. Jones, Who Binds and Looses the World with Her Hands  //  Rachael K.

Jones, Charlotte Incorporated  //  Jason Kimble, Broken  //  Jason Kimble, Hide Behind  //  Paul B. Kohler,

Rememorations  //  Paul B. Kohler, The Soul Collector  //  Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, Unsealed  //  Jeanne

Kramer-Smyth, View from Above  //  Jamie Gilman Kress, And Now, Fill Her In  //  Jason LaPier, Unexpected Rain

(excerpt)  // Fonda Lee, Zeroboxer (excerpt)  //  Fonda Lee, Universal Print  //  S. Lynn, Ffydd (Faith)  //  Jack Hollis

Marr, into the waters I rode down  //  Arkady Martine, City of Salt  //  Arkady Martine, When the Fall Is All That's Left  

//  Arkady Martine, Adjuva  //  Kim May, Blood Moon Carnival  //  Kim May, The Void Around the Sword's Edge  //

Alison McBain, Grandmother Winter  //  Alison McBain, The Lost Children  //  Alison McBain, The Heart of

Yuki-Onna  //  Rati Mehrotra, Charaid Dreams  //  Rati Mehrotra, Ghosts of Englehart  //  Lia Swope Mitchell, Slow  //  

Allison Mulder, Decay  //  Ian Muneshwar, Ossuary  //  Brian Niemeier, Strange Matter  //  Brian Niemeier, Nethereal

(excerpt)  //  Wendy Nikel, Rain Like Diamonds  //  Wendy Nikel, The Tea-Space Continuum  //  Wendy Nikel, The

Book of Futures  //  George Nikolopoulos, A Rise to the Surface  //  George Nikolopoulos, Razor Bill vs Pistol Anne  

//  Megan E. O'Keefe, Of Blood and Brine  //  Megan E. O'Keefe, Steal the Sky (excerpt)  //  Malka Older, Tear Tracks  

//  Emma Osborne, The Box Wife  //  Emma Osborne, Zip  //  Emma Osborne, Clean Hands, Dirty Hands  //  Chris

Ovenden, Upgrade  //  Chris Ovenden, Peace for Our Times  //  Chris Ovenden, Behind Grey Eyes  //  Steve

Pantazis, Switch  //  Carrie Patel, Here Be Monsters  //  Carrie Patel, The Color of Regret  //  Sunil Patel, The Merger  

//  Sunil Patel, The Robot Who Couldn't Lie  //  Sunil Patel, The Attic of Memories  //  Laura Pearlman, I Am Graalnak

of the Vroon Empire, Destroyer of Galaxies, Supreme Overlord of the Planet Earth. Ask Me Anything.  //  Laura

Pearlman, A Dozen Frogs, a Bakery, and a Thing That Didn't Happen  //  Laura Pearlman, In the End, You Get Clarity  

//  Samuel Peralta, Hereafter  //  Samuel Peralta, Humanity  //  Andrea Phillips, In Loco Parentis  //  Andrea Phillips,

Revision  //  Mark Robert Philps, Dragonfire Is Brighter Than the Ten Thousand Stars  //  Monica Enderle Pierce,

Judgment  //  Ivan Popov, The Keresztury TVirs  //  Bill Powell, The Punctuality Machine, or, A Steampunk Libretto  //  

Stephen S. Power, Stripped to Zero  //  Stephen S. Power, Wire Paladin  //  Stephen S. Power, Automatic Sky  //  

Rhiannon Rasmussen, The Hymn of Ordeal, No. 23  //  Rhiannon Rasmussen, Charge! Love Heart!  //  Rhiannon

Rasmussen, How to Survive the Apocalypse  //  Chris Reher, The Kasant Objective  //  Ethan Reid, The Undying:

Shades (excerpt)  //  Kelly Robson, Waters of Versailles (excerpt)  //  Kelly Robson, The Three Resurrections of

Jessica Churchill  //  Kelly Robson, Two-Year Man  //  Andy Rogers, The Doom of Salle  //  Andy Rogers, Brothers in

Arms  //  Lauren M. Roy, The Eleventh Hour  //  Steve Ruskin, Grand Tour  //  K. B. Rylander, We Fly  //  Hope Erica

Schultz, Mr. Reilly's Tattoo  //  Hope Erica Schultz, The Princess in the Basement  //  Effie Seiberg, Re: Little Miss

Apocalypse Playset  //  Effie Seiberg, Rocket Surgery  //  Effie Seiberg, Thundergod in Therapy  // Tahmeed Shafiq,

The Djinn Who Sought to Kill the Sun  //  Iona Sharma, Archana and Chandni  //  Iona Sharma, Alnwick  //  Anthea

Sharp, Ice in D Minor  //  Anthea Sharp, The Sun Never Sets  //  Anthea Sharp, Fae Horse  //  Elsa

Sjunneson-Henry, Edge of the Unknown  //  Daniel Arthur Smith, The Diatomic Quantum Flop  //  Daniel Arthur

Smith, Tower  //  Daniel Arthur Smith, Hugh Howey Lives (excerpt)  //  Lesley Smith, The Soulless: A History of

Zombieism in Chiitai and Mihari Culture  //  William Squirrell, Götterdämmerung  //  William Squirrell, Fighting in the

Streets of the City of Time  //  William Squirrell, I Am Problem Solving Astronaut: How to Write Hard SF  //  Dan Stout,

Outpatient  //  Dan Stout, The Curious Case of Alpha-7 DE11  //  Naru Dames Sundar, A Revolution in Four Courses  

//  Naru Dames Sundar, Infinite Skeins  //  Naru Dames Sundar, Broken Winged Love  //  Will Swardstrom, Uncle

Allen  //  Will Swardstrom, The Control  //  Jeremy Szal, Daega's Test  //  Jeremy Szal, Last Age of Kings  //  Jeremy

Szal, Skingame  //  Lauren C. Teffeau, Forge and Fledge  //  Lauren C. Teffeau, Jump Cut  //  Natalia Theodoridou,

The Eleven Holy Numbers of the Mechanical Soul  //  Natalia Theodoridou, On Post-Mortem Birds  //  Natalia

Theodoridou, Android Whores Can't Cry  //  Joseph Tomaras, Bonfires in Anacostia  //  Joseph Tomaras, Thirty-Eight

Observations on the Nature of the Self  //  Joseph Tomaras, The Joy of Sects  //  Vincent Trigili, The Storymaster  //  

P. K. Tyler, Moon Dust  //  P. K. Tyler, Avendui 5ive  //  Tamara Vardomskaya, The Metamorphoses of Narcissus  //  

Tamara Vardomskaya, Acrobatic Duality  //  Leo Vladimirsky, Collar  //  Nancy S. M. Waldman, ReMemories  //  

Nancy S. M. Waldman, And Always, Murder  //  Thomas M. Waldroon, Sinseerly a Friend & Yr. Obed't  //  Jo Lindsay

Walton, It's OK to Say If You Went Back in Time and Killed Baby Hitler  //  Kim Wells, The Book of Safkhet: Chronicler

of the Journey, Mistress of the House of Books  //  Alison Wilgus, King Tide  //  Alison Wilgus, Noise Pollution  //  

Nicolas Wilson, Trials  //  Nicolas Wilson, Multiply  //  Alyssa Wong, Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers  //

Alyssa Wong, The Fisher Queen  //  Alyssa Wong, Santos de Sampaguitas  //  Eleanor R. Wood, Fibonacci  //  

Eleanor R. Wood, Pawprints in the Aeolian Dust  //  Eleanor R. Wood, Daddy's Girl  //  Frank Wu, Season of the Ants

in a Timeless Land  //  Jeff Xilon, H  //  Jeff Xilon, All of Our Days  //  J. Y. Yang, A House of Anxious Spiders  // J. Y.

Yang, Temporary Saints   // JY Yang, Song of the Krakenmaid  //  Isabel Yap, Milagroso  //  Isabel Yap, The Oiran's

Song  //  Isabel Yap, Good Girls  //  Jo Zebedee, Inish Carraig (excerpt)  // Jon F. Zeigler, Galen and the Golden-Coat

Hare  //  Anna Zumbro, The Pixie Game  //  Anna Zumbro, The Cur of County Road Six  // Carrie Patel, The Buried

Life (excerpt)  //  Leo Vladimirsky, Dandelion  //  Nancy S. M. Waldman, Sound of Chartreuse