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Anthology series: The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Ellen Datlow  |  Gavin J. Grant  |  Kelly Link  |  Terri Windling

Language:  English

Series:  1988 – 2008


Bibliographic comments: Only series anthologies with contents of interest to this library are listed here, highlighted in white.

The 6th Annual Collection (2003) contains Haruki Murakami's non-genre story 'The Second Bakery Attack', and the 16th

Annual Collection (2003) contains Haruki Murakami's non-genre story 'Thailand'.


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Third Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, eds.


<  August 1990, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Press

ISBN 0-312-04450-X

Trade paperback, liii+563 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1989: Fantasy' by Terri Windling, 'Summation 1989: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy on the Screen: 1989' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries (1989)' by James Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 1989'

     is uncredited.

Fiction: Michael Swanwick, The Edge of the World  //  Fred Chappell, The Adder  //  Nancy Etchemendy, Cat in

Glass  //  Rory Harper, Monsters, Tearing Off My Face  //  Joyce Carol Oates, Family  //  James Powell, A Dirge for

Clowntown  //  Delia Sherman, Miss Carstairs and the Merman  //  Reginald Bretnor, Unknown Things  //  Tatyana

Tolstaya, Date with a Bird  //  Joseph A. Citro, Them Bald-Headed Snays  //  Edward Bryant, A Sad Last Love at the

Diner of the Damned  //  Michael Moorcock, Hanging the Fool  //  Leif Enger, Hansel's Finger  //  Garry Kilworth,

Dogfaerie  //  Emma Bull, A Bird That Whistles  //  Lisa Tuttle, The Walled Garden  //  Scott Baker, Varicose Worms  //  

Leszek Kolakowski, The War with Things  //  Jane Yolen, The Faery Flag  //  Zhaxi Dawa, Souls Tied to the Knots on

a Leather Cord  //  Steven Millhauser, The Illusionist  //  Charles de Lint, Timeskip  //  Robert R. McCammon,

Something Passed By  //  Dan Daly, Self-Portrait Mixed Media on Pavement, 1988  //  Michael de Larrabeiti, The

Plane Tree and the Fountain  //  Tanith Lee, White As Sin, Now  //  Pat Cadigan, The Power and the Passion  //  

Midori Snyder, Jack Straw  //  J. N. Williamson, The Sudd  //  Jonathan Carroll, Mr. Fiddlehead  //  Dan Simmons,

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites  //  Andrew Stephenson, Cinema Altéré  //  Gary A. Braunbeck, Matters of Family  //  

Joan Aiken, Find Me  //  James P. Blaylock, Unidentified Objects  //  Ramsey Campbell, Meeting the Author  //  

Gwyneth Jones, The Lovers  //  Chet Williamson, "Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty..." He Said. (Page 243)  //  Bruce

Sterling, Dori Bangs  //  Joe R. Lansdale, The Steel Valentine  //  John Shirley, Equilibrium  //  Garry Kilworth, White

Noise  //  Robley Wilson, Terrible Kisses  //  Greg Bear, Sleepside Story

Poetry: Bruce Boston, Robert Frazier, Return to the Mutant Rain Forest  //  Jane Yolen, Beauty and the Beast: An

Anniversary  //  Joe Haldeman, Time Lapse


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, eds.


<  July 1991, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Press

ISBN 0-312-06007-6

Trade paperback, liv+552 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1990: Fantasy' by Terri Windling, 'Summation 1990: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1990' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries' and 'Honorable Mentions: 1990' are uncredited.

Fiction: Charles de Lint, Freewheeling  //  Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Coming Home  //  George Szanto, The Sweeper  //  

Joyce Carol Oates, Ladies and Gentlemen  //  Nancy A. Collins, Freaktent  //  John Crowley, Missolonghi 1824  //  

Thomas Ligotti, The Last Feast of Harlequin  //  Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Harvest  //  Dyan Sheldon, The Dream  //  

John Brunner, Moths  //  Rachel Simon, Little Nightmares, Little Dreams  //  John Morressy, Timekeeper  //  Stuart

Dybek, Death of a Right Fielder  //  David J. Schow, Not from Around Here  //  Karen Joy Fowler, Lieserl  //  Sharon

M. Hall, The Last Game  //  Susan Palwick, Offerings  //  Nina Kiriki Hoffman, A Touch of the Old Lilith  //  David B.

Silva, The Calling  //  Haruki Murakami, TV People  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, In the Trees  //  Garry Kilworth, Truman

Capote's Trilby: The Facts  //  Ian R. MacLeod, Green  //  Garry Kilworth, Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks  //  Jonathan

Carroll, The Panic Hand  //  Michael Blumlein, Bestseller  //  Delia Sherman, Nanny Peters and the Feathery Bride  //  

Jack Womack, Out of Sight, Out of Mind  //  Éilis Ní Dhuibhne, Midwife to the Fairies  //  Joe R. Lansdale, The Phone

Woman  //  T. E. D. Klein, Ladder  //  Steven Millhauser, Alice, Falling  //  Angela Carter, Ashputtle: or, The Mother's

Ghost  //  Adrian Cole, Face to Face  //  Karel Čapek, The Dog's Tale  //  Elizabeth Massie, Stephen  //  Peter Straub,

A Short Guide to the City  //  R. A. Lafferty, The Story of Little Briar-Rose, A Scholarly Study  //  K. W. Jeter, The First

Time  //  Ian Frazier, Coyote v. Acme  //  Richard Christian Matheson, Arousal  //  Michael Bishop, Snapshots from

the Butterfly Plague  //  Isabel Allende, Two Words  //  Robert Frazier, Lucius Shepard, The All-Consuming  //  

Jonathan Carroll, The Sadness of Detail

Poetry: David Memmott, Sounding the Praises of Shadow to the Merchants of Light  //  Susan Prospere, Frozen

Charlottes  //  Ellen Kushner, Sonata: For Two Friends in Different Times of the Same Trouble  //  Vern Rutsala, The

Muses of Rooms  //  Gwen Strauss, The Waiting Wolf  //  Gwen Strauss, The Beast

Essay: Susan Cooper, Fantasy in the Real World


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  August 1992, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Press

ISBN 0-312-07888-9

Trade paperback, lxxx+518 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1991: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1991: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1991' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries' and 'Honorable Mentions: 1991' are uncredited.

Fiction: David Morrell, The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves  //  Nancy Springer, In Carnation  //  Fred Chappell, The

Somewhere Doors  //  Kathe Koja, Angels in Love  //  Midori Snyder, Vivian  //  K. W. Jeter, True Love  //  A. R.

Morlan, The Second Most Beautiful Woman in the World  //  Ellen Kushner, The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not

Death  //  Robert Holdstock, Garry Kilworth, The Ragthorn  //  Patrick McGrath, The Smell  //  Melanie Tem, Steve

Rasnic Tem, The Tenth Scholar  //  Norman Partridge, The Cut Man  //  Karl Edward Wagner, The Kind Men Like  //  

Terry Bisson, The Coon Suit  //  Alison Fell, Queen Christina and the Windsurfer  //  S. P. Somtow, Chui Chai  // Jane

Yolen, Mama Gone  //  Pat Murphy, Peter  //  Charles de Lint, Our Lady of the Harbour  //  Stephen Gallagher, The

Visitors' Book  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, At the End of the Day  //  Nina Katerli, The Monster  //  Lisa Mason, Hummers  

//  James Powell, Santa's Way  //  Dennis Etchison, Call Home  //  Grant Morrison, The Braille Encyclopaedia  //  

Rosario Ferré, The Poisoned Story  //  Janice Galloway, Blood  //  Nancy Willard, Dogstar Man  //  Joanne

Greenberg, Persistence of Memory  //  Adam Gopnik, You'll Never Eat Lunch on This Continent Again  //  Thomas

Ligotti, The Glamour  //  Kara Dalkey, The Peony Lantern  //  Nancy Springer, To Be a Hero  //  Ramsey Campbell,

The Same in Any Language  //  Kathe Koja, Teratisms  //  Kōbō Abe, The Life of a Poe  //  Gloria Ericson, The Witch

of Wilton Falls  //  Pat Cadigan, Home by the Sea  //  Nancy Willard, Pish, Posh, Said Hieronymus Bosch  //  Poppy Z.

Brite, The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire  //  S. P. Somtow, The Pavilion of Frozen Women  //  Carol Emshwiller,

Moon Songs  //  Ian Frazier, The Afternoon of June 8, 1991  //  C. J. Cherryh, Gwydion and the Dragon  //  Pierrette

Fleutiaux, The Ogre's Wife

Poetry: R. H. W. Dillard, Poe at the End  //  Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Fisher Death  //  Jessica Amanda

Salmonson, Walk in Sable  //  Jane Yolen, A Story Must Be Held


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  August 1993, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Press

ISBN 0-312-09422-1

Trade paperback, xci+529 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1992: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1992: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1992' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries' and 'Honorable Mentions: 1992' are uncredited.

  •  'Calcutta, Lord of Nerves' is set in India.

  •  'Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop' is set in Hong Kong.

Fiction: Emma Bull, Silver or Gold  //  Jack Cady, Tinker  //  Craig Curtis, Queequeg  //  M. John Harrison, Anima  //  

Steve Rasnic Tem, Skin  //  Reginald McKnight, The Homunculus: A Novel in One Chapter  //  Cristina Peri Rossi,

The Annunciation  //  Charles de Lint, The Bone Woman  //  A. S. Byatt, The Story of the Eldest Princess  //  Poppy Z.

Brite, Calcutta, Lord of Nerves  //  Scott Bradfield, The Parakeet and the Cat  //  Nicholas Royle, Glory  //  Neil

Gaiman, Murder Mysteries  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, Hungry  //  M. R. Scofidio, Playing With  //  Edward Bryant, Human

Remains  //  Robert Silverberg, It Comes and Goes  //  Grozdana Olujic, The Bewitched Burr  //  Charlotte Watson

Sherman, Swimming Lesson  //  Garry Kilworth, Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop  //  Diane de Avalle-Arce,

Bats  //  Nancy Farmer, Origami Mountain  //  James Powell, Ruby Laughter, Tears of Pearl  //  Judith Tarr, I Sing of a

Maiden  //  Cliff Burns, Also Starring  //  Christopher Fowler, On Edge  //  Joyce Carol Oates, Martyrdom  //  Haruki

Murakami, The Second Bakery Attack  //  Lucius Shepard, A Little Night Music  //  Stephen Gallagher, The Sluice  //  

Brian W. Aldiss, Ratbird  //  Gene Wolfe, The Sailor Who Sailed After the Sun  //  Rick Bowes, On Death and the

Deuce  //  Harlan Ellison, The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore  //  Joe Haldeman, Graves  //  Ed

Gorman, The Ugly File  //  Midori Snyder, Elfhouses  //  Sue Ellen Sloca, Candles on the Pond  //  Grania Davis, Tree

of Life, Book of Death  //  D. R. McBride, Puja  //  Clive Barker, Hermione and the Moon  //  Graham Masterton,

Absence of Beast  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, Rat Catcher  //  John Brunner, In the Season of the Dressing of the Wells  

//  Sara Gallardo, The Blue Stone Emperor's Thirty-Three Wives  //  Angela Carter, Alice in Prague, or The Curious

Room  //  Lisa Tuttle, Replacements  //  Peter Straub, The Ghost Village

Poetry: Jessica Amanda Salmonson, In the Looking Glass, Life Is Death  // Jo Shapcott, Tom and Jerry Visit

England  //  Jane Yolen, Will  // Jane Yolen, The Question of the Grail


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Seventh Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  September 1994, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-11102-9

Trade paperback, xcvi+524 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1993: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1993: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1993' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries' by James Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 1993' and 'The

     People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

  •  'Dying in Bangkok' is set in Thailand.

Fiction: Ursula K. Le Guin, The Poacher  //  Terry Bisson, England Underway  //  Lisa Goldstein, The Woman in the

Painting  //  Terry Dowling, The Daemon Street Ghost-Trap  //  Nancy A. Collins, The Sunday-Go-To-Meeting Jaw  //  

Adam Corbin Fusco, Breath  //  Carol Emshwiller, Mrs. Jones  // John Coyne, Snow Man  //  Thomas M. Disch,

One Night, or Scheherazade's Bare Minimum  //  Charles de Lint, Dead Man's Shoes  //  Fred Chappell, The Lodger  

//  Elizabeth Hand, The Erl-King  //  Osamu Dazai, The Chrysanthemum Spirit  //  Mary Ellis, Angel  //  Graham

Masterton, The Taking of Mr. Bill  //  Gabriel García Márquez, The Saint  // Bruce McAllister, Cottage  //  Steve

Rasnic Tem, Doodles  //  Dan Simmons, Dying in Bangkok  //  Patricia A. McKillip, The Snow Queen  //  Neil

Gaiman, Troll-Bridge  //  Rafik Schami, The Storyteller  //  Rosario Ferré, Rice and Milk  //  Robert Devereaux, Ridi

Bobo  //  Ellen Kushner, Playing with Fire  //  Michael Marshall Smith, Later  // Sherman Alexie, Distances  //  Nancy

Holder, Crash Cart  // Ian McDonald, Some Strange Desire  //  Dennis Etchison, The Dog Park  //  E. R. Stewart,

Wooden Druthers  //  Jane Yolen, Inscription  //  Robert Westall, In Camera  // Daniel Hood, The Wealth of Kingdoms

(An Inflationary Tale)  //  Nicholas Royle, The Crucian Pit  //  John Coyne, The Ecology of Reptiles  // Thomas

Tessier, The Last Crossing  //  Caila Rossi, Small Adjustments  //  Roberta Lannes, Precious  //  Harlan Ellison,

Susan  //  Sara Paretsky, Freud at Thirty Paces  //  John Crowley, Exogamy  //  Will Shetterly, The Princess Who

Kicked Butt  //  Miriam Grace Monfredo, The Apprentice  //  O. V. de L. Milosz, Alvyta (A Lithuanian Fairy Tale)  //  

Augustine Bruins Funnell, The Pig Man  // A. R. Morlan, Tattoo  //  Patricia A. McKillip, Lady of the Skulls  //  

Nancy Kress, To Scale  //  Danith McPherson, Roar at the Heart of the World

Poetry: Daína Chaviano, Memo for Freud  //  Jane Yolen, Knives  //  Bruce Boston, Prisoners of the Royal Weather  

//  Geoffrey A. Landis, If Angels Ate Apples


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Ninth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  July 1996, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-14449-0

Trade paperback, lxxxviii+536 pages

$17.95 / C$25.99


  •  Essays 'Summation 1995: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1995: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

      Fantasy in the Media: 1995' by Edward Bryant, 'Obituaries' by James R. Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 1995' is


Fiction: Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Home for Christmas  //  Charles de Lint, Heartfires  //  Terry Lamsley, Screens  //  

Midori Snyder, King of Crows  //  Peter S. Beagle, Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros  //  Ellen Kushner,

The Hunt of the Unicorn  //  Michael Marshall Smith, More Tomorrow  //  Scott Bradfield, Penguins for Lunch  //  

Ursula K. Le Guin, Ether OR  //  Stuart Dybek, Paper Lantern  //  Stephen King, Lunch at the Gotham Café  //  Neil

Gaiman, Queen of Knives  //  Eileen Kernaghan, Dragon-Rain  //  Pat Mora, Llantos de La Llorona: Warnings from the

Wailer  //  Peter Crowther, Too Short a Death  //  Rick Moody, The James Dean Garage Band  //  Christopher

Kenworthy, Because of Dust  //  Douglas E. Winter, Loop  //  Sue Kepros Hartman, La Loma, La Luna  //  Lucy

Taylor, Switch  //  Terry Dowling, Scaring the Train  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, Blood Knot  //  S. N. Dyer, Resolve and

Resistance  //  Tanith Lee, La Dame  //  Louise Gluck, Circe's Power  //  S. P. Somtow, Dragon's Fin Soup  //  Vivian

Vande Velde, The Granddaughter  //  A. S. Byatt, A Lamia in the Cévennes  //  Susan Moody, The Guilty Party  //  Pat

Cadigan, She's Not There  //  David J. Schow, Refrigerator Heaven  //  Gary A. Braunbeck, After the Elephant Ballet  

//  Marcia Guthridge, Henry V, Part 2  //  Robert Reed, Mrs. Greasy  //  Joyce Carol Oates, [redacted]  //  Delia

Sherman, The Printer's Daughter  //  Patricia A. McKillip, The Lion and the Lark

Poetry: Jane Yolen, Women's Stories  //  Jane Yolen, Swan/Princess  //  Eiléan ní Chuilleanáin, The Girl Who Married

the Reindeer  //  Mary O'Malley, The Otter Woman  //  Margaret Atwood, Daphne and Laura and So Forth  //  Neil

Gaiman, The White Road  //  Nancy Willard, Prayer  //  Jane Yolen, Jacob and the Angel


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Eleventh Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  July 1998, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-19034-4

Trade paperback, cxiii+503 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1997: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1997: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1997' by Edward Bryant, 'Comics': 1997' by Seth Johnson, 'Obituaries: 1997' by James

     Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 1997' is uncredited.

Fiction: Emma Donoghue, The Tale of the Skin  //  John Kessel, Gulliver at Home  //  Nancy Pickard, It Had to Be

You  //  Leslie Dick, The Skull of Charlotte Corday  //  Douglas Clegg, I Am Infinite; I Contain Multitudes  //  Charles

Grant, Riding the Black  //  Christopher Harman, In the Fields  //  Nicholas Royle, Mbo  //  Jeffrey Shaffer, Winner

Take All  //  Gary A. Braunbeck, Safe  //  Howard Waldrop, El Castillo de la Perseverancia  //  Brennen Wysong, The

Sin-Eater's Tale  //  Steven Millhauser, A Visit  //  Sonia Gernes, A Globe of Glass  //  Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman,

The Fall of the Kings  //  Michael Cadnum, The Flounder's Kiss  //  Paul J. McAuley, Kim Newman, Residuals  //  

Molly Brown, The Psychomantium  //  Michael Chabon, In the Black Mill  //  P. D. Cacek, Dust Motes  //  Pat Mora, La

Muerte  //  Christopher Fowler, Spanky's Back in Town  //  Nicholas Royle, Kingyo no fun  //  Norman Partridge,

Bucket of Blood  //  Caitlín R. Kiernan, Estate  //  Steve Stern, The Sin of Elijah  //  Ray Bradbury, Driving Blind  //  

Joyce Carol Oates, The Sky-Blue Ball  //  Karen Joy Fowler, The Black Fairy's Curse  //  Peter S. Beagle, The Last

Song of Sirit Byar  //  Mayra Santos-Febres, Marina's Fragrance  //  Jane Yolen, Rabbit Hole  //  Charles de Lint, Wild

Horses  //  Jack Womack, Audience  //  Robert Clinton, Merlin  //  Stephen Laws, The Crawl  //  Katherine Vaz, The

Remains of Princess Kaiulani's Garden  //  Vikram Chandra, Dharma

Poetry: Jaimes Alsop, Beauty and the Beast  //  Christopher Jones, Coffee Jerk at the Gates of Hell  //  Bill Lewis,

Coyote and the White Folks  //  Bill Lewis, Sheela Na Gig  //  Denise Duhamel, Marriage  //  A. Alvarez, Mermaid  //  

Emily Warn, Setting Celestial Signs on Terrestrial Beings  //  Matthew Sweeney, Princess


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  November 1999, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-20686-0

Trade paperback, cx+497 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 1998: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 1998: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'Horror and

     Fantasy in the Media: 1998' by Edward Bryant, 'Comics': 1998' by Seth Johnson, 'Obituaries: 1998' by James

     Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 1998' and 'The People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

Fiction: Kelly Link, Travels with the Snow Queen  //  Steve Duffy, Running Dogs  //  Susanna Clarke, Mrs Mabb  //  

Rick Kennett, Due West  //  Bruce Glassco, Taking Loup  //  Sara Douglass, The Evil Within  //  Mary Rosenblum,

The Rainmaker  //  Michael Marshall Smith, A Place to Stay  //  Lisa Goldstein, The Fantasma of Q____  //  Ralph

Salisbury, Hoopa, the White Deer Dance  //  Stephen King, That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French  //  

Karen Joy Fowler, The Travails  //  Terry Lamsley, Suburban Blight  //  Dennis Etchison, Inside the Cackle Factory  

//  Kurahashi Yumiko, The House of the Black Cat  //  John Kessel, Every Angel is Terrifying  //  Neil Gaiman,

Shoggoth's Old Peculiar  //  Lawrence Osgood, Great Sedna  //  Sylvia Brownrigg, The Bird Chick  //  Mark W.

Tiedemann, Psyché  //  Jane Yolen, Become a Warrior  //  Norman Partridge, Blackbirds  //  Nick DiChario, Carp

Man  //  Delia Sherman, The Faerie Cony-Catcher  //  Steven Millhauser, Clair de Lune  //  Jorge Luis Borges, The

Rose of Paracelsus  //  Peter Straub, Mr. Clubb and Mr. Cuff  //  Michael Blumlein, Revenge  //  Patricia A. McKillip,

Oak Hill  //  Christopher Harman, Jackdaw Jack  //  Ellen Kushner, The Death of the Duke  //  Judy Budnitz, Hershel  

//  Ray Vukcevich, By the Time We Get to Uranus  //  Kelly Link, The Specialist's Hat  //  Charles de Lint, Twa

Corbies  //  Terry Dowling, Jenny Come to Play  //  Ilan Stavans, Blimunda  //  A. S. Byatt, Cold

Poetry: Marisa de los Santos, Wiglaf  //  Catharine Savage Brosman, Kokopelli  //  Larry Fontenot, Wile E. Coyote's

Lament  //  Carol Ann Duffy, Mrs. Beast  //  Zan Ross, At the River of Crocodiles  //  Holly Prado, The Tall, Upheaving

One  //  Sarah Corbett, Dark Moon  //  Chana Bloch, Mrs. Dumpty


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Terry Windling, eds.


<  August 2002, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-29069-1

Trade paperback, cxxviii+542 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 2001: Fantasy' by Terry Windling, 'Summation 2001: Horror' by Ellen Datlow, 'The Year in Media

     of the Fantastic' by Edward Bryant, 'Fantasy and Horror in Comics: 2001' by Charles Vess, 'Manga and Anime in

     2001: Through the Looking Glass' by Joan D. Vinge, 'Obituaries: 2001' by James Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions:

     2001' and 'The People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

Fiction: Anthony Doerr, The Hunter's Wife  //  Marin Sorescu, The Cowardly Coffin  //  Steve Rasnic Tem, In These

Final Days of Sales  //  June Considine, To Dream of White Horses  //  Marion Arnott, Prussian Snowdrops  //  Jeffrey

Ford, The Honeyed Knot  //  Michael Libling, Timmy Gobel's Bug Jar  //  Michael Chabon, The God of Dark Laughter  

//  Kurt Leland, The Adolescence of Orpheus  //  Charles de Lint, Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café  //  Kelly Link,

Louise's Ghost  //  Scott Thomas, The Puppet and the Train  //  Christopher Fowler, Crocodile Lady  //  Jane Yolen,

The Barbarian and the Queen: Thirteen Views  //  Bob Hicok, Becoming Bird  //  Milbre Burch, Sop Doll  //  

Christopher Barzak, Plenty  //  Ursula K. Le Guin, The Bones of the Earth  //  Caitlín R. Kiernan, Onion  //  Norman

Partridge, Where the Woodbine Twineth  //  Glen Hirshberg, Struwwelpeter  //  Gala Blau, Outfangthief  //  

Jean-Claude Dunyach, Watch Me When I Sleep  //  Patrick Roscoe, The Tattoo Artist  //  Elizabeth Hand, Cleopatra

Brimstone  //  Lawrence Miles, Grass  //  S. P. Somtow, The Bird Catcher  //  Graham Joyce, Black Dust  //  Tim Pratt,

Annabelle's Alphabet  //  Susanna Clarke, Tom Brightwind, or, How the Fairy Bridge Was Built at Thoresby  //  Susan

Palwick, Gestella  //  Ray Gonzalez, The Legend  //  Tanya Huff, Oh, Glorious Sight  //  Daniel Ulanovsky Sack, Home

Cooking  //  Gene Wolfe, Queen  //  Carol Emshwiller, The Project  //  Scott Thomas, Strange Things About Birds  //  

Kathe Koja, Barry N. Malzberg, What We Did That Summer  //  Gregory Maguire, Scarecrow  //  Melissa Hardy, The

Bockles  //  James P. Blaylock, His Own Back Yard

Poetry: Charlee Jacob, Skin  //  Ellen Wernecke, Fairy Tale Pantoum  //  Terry Blackhawk, What the Story Weaves,

the Spinner Tells  //  Gavin J. Grant, Rites: Cleaning the Last Bones  //  Sandra J. Lindow, If Death, A Preprimer  //  Liz

Lochhead, The Man in the Comic Strip  //  Ryan G. Van Cleave, Aesculapius in the Underworld


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Ellen Datlow, Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link, eds.


<  August 2004, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-32928-8

Trade paperback, clv+564 pages

$19.95 / C$27.95


  •  Essays 'Summation 2003: Fantasy' by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, 'Summation 2003: Horror' by Ellen Datlow,

     'Media of the Fantastic: 2003' by Edward Bryant, 'Comics and Graphic Novels: 2003' by Charles Vess, 'Anime and

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     Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 2003' and 'The People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

  •  'With Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu' is set in Afghanistan.

  •  Winner of the 2004 Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Anthology.

Fiction: Kij Johnson, At the Mouth of the River of Bees  //  Sara Maitland, Why I Became a Plumber  //  M. Rickert,

Bread and Bombs  //  George Saunders, The Red Bow  //  Vandana Singh, The Wife  //  Lucius Shepard, Only Partly

Here  //  Laird Barron, Old Virginia  //  Neil Gaiman, A Study in Emerald  //  Nathan Ballingrud, You Go Where It Takes

You  //  Dean Francis Alfar, L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)  //  Stephen King, Harvey's Dream  //  Ursula K.

Le Guin, Woeful Tales from Mahigul  //  Karen Joy Fowler, King Rat  //  Kelly Link, The Hortlak  //  Brian Hodge, With

Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu  //  Richard Butner, Ash City Stomp  //  Michael Swanwick, King Dragon  //  Peter

Crowther, Bedfordshire  //  Adam Corbin Fusco, N0072-JK1  //  Marc Laidlaw, Cell Call  //  Philip Raines, Harvey

Welles, The Fishie  //  Dale Bailey, Hunger: A Confession  //  Scott Emerson Bull, Mr. Sly Stops for a Cup of Joe  //  

Megan Whalen Turner, The Baby in the Night Deposit Box  //  Paul LaFarge, Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur  

//  Mike O'Driscoll, The Silence of the Falling Stars  //  Paolo Bacigalupi, The Fluted Girl  //  Kevin Brockmeier, The

Brief History of the Dead  //  Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Flotsam  //  Dan Chaon, The Bees  //  Glen Hirshberg, Dancing

Men  //  Theodora Goss, Lily, with Clouds  //  Karen Traviss, The Man Who Did Nothing  //  Shelley Jackson,

Husband  //  Michael Marshall Smith, Open Doors  //  Benjamin Rosenbaum, The Valley of Giants  //  Thomas

Ligotti, Purity  //  Maureen F. McHugh, Ancestor Money  //  Terry Bisson, Almost Home

Poetry: Steve Rasnic Tem, Bone  //  Patrick O'Leary, Invisible Geese: A Theory  //  Patrick O'Leary, The Perfect City  

//  Jon Woodward, At the Mythical Beast  //  Daphne Gottlieb, Final Girl II: The Frame


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighteenth Annual Collection

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<  August 2005, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

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Trade paperback, cxxviii+480 pages

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  •  Essays 'Summation 2004: Fantasy' by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, 'Summation 2004: Horror' by Ellen Datlow,

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Fiction: Gregory Maguire, The Oakthing  //  Margo Lanagan, Rite of Spring  //  Simon Bestwick, A Hazy Shade of

Winter  //  Douglas Clegg, The Skin of the World  //  Andy Duncan, Zora and the Zombie  //  Stepan Chapman,

Revenge of the Calico Cat  //  Lucy Sussex, Frozen Charlottes  //  China Miéville, Reports of Certain Events in

London  //  Stephen Gallagher, Restraint  //  John Kessel, The Baum Plan for Financial Independence  //  Frances

Oliver, Dancing on Air  //  M. Rickert, Cold Fires  //  Richard Mueller, And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead  //  Tina

Rath, A Trick of the Dark  //  Philip Raines, Harvey Welles, The Bad Magician  //  Tanith Lee, Speir-Bhan  //  John

Farris, Hunting Meth Zombies in the Great Nebraskan Wasteland  //  Chuck Palahniuk, Guts  //  Simon Brown, Water

Babies  //  Peter Straub, Mr. Aickman's Air Rifle  //  Bentley Little, We Find Things Old  //  Elizabeth Hand,

Wonderwall  //  D. Ellis Dickerson, Postcretaceous Era  //  M. T. Anderson, Watch and Wake  //  Jeffrey Ford, A Night

in the Tropics  //  Terry Dowling, Clownette  //  Joyce Carol Oates, Stripping  //  Christopher Fowler, Seven Feet  //  

Margo Lanagan, Singing My Sister Down  //  Laird Barron, Bulldozer  //  Mélanie Fazi, The Cajun Knot  //  Greg van

Eekhout, Tales from the City of Seams  //  Alison Smith, The Specialist  //  Shelley Jackson, Here Is the Church  //  

Alice Hoffman, The Witch of Truro  //  Peter Straub, Lapland, or Film Noir  //  Conrad Williams, The Owl  //  Elizabeth

A. Lynn, The Silver Dragon

Poetry: R. T. Smith, Horton's Store  //  Theodora Goss, The Changeling  //  Jean Esteve, House of Ice  //  Catherynne

M. Valente, The Oracle Alone  //  Anna Ross, These Various Methods of Brightness  //  Theodora Goss, What Her

Mother Said


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Nineteenth Annual Collection

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<  August 2006, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 0-312-35614-5

Trade paperback, cxxiii+480 pages

$19.95 / C$26.95


  •  Essays 'Summation 2005: Fantasy' by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, 'Summation 2005: Horror' by Ellen Datlow,

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     Frenkel, 'Honorable Mentions: 2005' and 'The People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

  •  'The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai' is set in Cambodia.

Fiction: Delia Sherman, Walpurgis Afternoon  //  Deborah Roggie, The Mushroom Duchess  //  Marly Youmans, An

Incident at Agate Beach  //  Reggie Oliver, Among the Tombs  //  Glen Hirshberg, American Morons  //  Mark Samuels,

Shallaballah  //  Bruce Sterling, Denial  //  Barbara Roden, Northwest Passage  //  Laird Barron, Proboscis  //  

Elizabeth Hand, Kronia  //  Elizabeth Bear, Follow Me Light  //  Jeffrey Ford, Boatman's Holiday  //  Howard Waldrop,

The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode In On)  //  Adam L. G. Nevill, Where Angels Come In  //  Albert E.

Cowdrey, Twilight States  //  Geoff Ryman, The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai  //  Jack Cady, The Souls of

Drowning Mountain  //  Robert Coover, The Last One  //  Emma Bircham, China Miéville, Max Schäfer, The Ball

Room  //  Daniel Wallace, Vacation  //  Nisi Shawl, Cruel Sistah  //  Jay Russell, Ding-Dong-Bell  //  Stacey Richter, A

Case Study of Emergency Room Procedure and Risk Management by Hospital Staff Members in the Urban Facility  //  

Jeffrey Ford, The Scribble Mind   //  Tom Brennan, Scarecrow  //  Chaz Brenchley, Going the Jerusalem Mile  //  

Pentti Holappa, Boman  //  Ralph Robert Moore, The Machine of a Religious Man  //  Chuck Palahniuk, Hot Potting  

//  Joe Hill, My Father's Mask  //  Isabel Allende, The Guggenheim Lovers  //  Theodora Goss, A Statement in the

Case  //  Dave Hutchinson, The Pavement Artist  //  Kim Newman, The Gypsies in the Wood

Poetry: Jennifer Chang, Obedience, or The Lying Tale  //  Sarah Monette, Night Train: Heading West  //  Kelly

Everding, Omens  //  Andrew Bonia, Jolly Bonnet  //  Theodora Goss, Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus  //  Willa

Schneberg, Grief


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2007: Twentieth Annual Collection

Ellen Datlow, Gavin J. Grant, Kelly Link, eds.


<  October 2007, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

ISBN 978-0-312-36942-2

Trade paperback, cxxxi+472 pages

$21.95 / C$25.50


  •  Essays 'Summation 2006: Fantasy' by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, 'Summation 2006: Horror' by Ellen Datlow,

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     Mentions: 2006' and 'The People Behind the Book' are uncredited.

  •  'Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter' is set in Cambodia.

Fiction: Geoff Ryman, Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter  //  Nik Houser, First Kisses from Beyond the Grave  //  

Christopher Harman, The Last to Be Found  //  John Schoffstall, Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery  //  Jeffrey

Ford, The Night Whiskey  //  Ellen Klages, In the House of the Seven Librarians  //  Sarah Monette, Drowning Palmer  

//  Joyce Carol Oates, Landfill  //  Christopher Rowe, Another Word for Map Is Faith  //  Ira Sher, Lionflower Hedge  //  

Minsoo Kang, A Fearful Symmetry  //  Brett Alexander Savory, Messages  //  Stephen Gallagher, The Box  //  

Frances Hardinge, Halfway House  //  Delia Sherman, La Fée Verte  //  Lee Battersby, Father Muerte & the Flesh  //  

Margo Lanagan, Winkie  //  Scott Nicholson, Dog Person  //  Simon Clark, The Extraordinary Limits of Darkness  //  

Tim Pratt, Cup and Table  //  Nicholas Royle, The Churring  //  Kaaron Warren, Dead Sea Fruit  //  Caleb Wilson,

Directions  //  Terry Dowling, La Profonde  //  M. Rickert, Journey Into the Kingdom  //  Ben Fountain, The Good Ones

Are Already Taken  //  Margo Lanagan, A Pig's Whisper  //  Stephen Volk, 31/10  //  Gene Wolfe, Sob in the Silence  //  

Paul Di Filippo, Femaville 29  //  Benjamin Rosenbaum, A Siege of Cranes  //  Ysabeau S. Wilce, The Lineaments of

Gratified Desire  //  Stephen Graham Jones, Raphael  //  Glen Hirshberg, The Muldoon

Poetry: Jeannine Hall Gailey, Becoming the Villainess  //  Jeannine Hall Gailey, Persephone and the Prince Meet

Over Drinks  //  William Hope Hodgson, Ballade  //  William Hope Hodgson, My Babe, My Babe  //  Nathalie

Anderson, Tell  //  Josh Bell, Yep, I Said Camel  //  Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Is Rain My Bearskin?


The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: Twenty-First Annual


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<  October 2008, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Griffin

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Trade paperback, cxiii+458 pages



  •  Essays 'Summation 2007: Fantasy' by Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link, 'Summation 2007: Horror' by Ellen Datlow,

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     Mentions: 2007' by Ellen Datlow, Gavin J. Grant & Kelly Link.

Fiction: Daniel Abraham, The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics  //  Karen Russell, Vampires in the

Lemon Grove  //  M. Rickert, Holiday  //  Gary McMahon, Hum Drum  //  Paul Walther, Splitfoot  //  Chaz Brenchley,

The House of Mechanical Pain  //  Karen Joy Fowler, The Last Worders  //  Nathan Ballingrud, The Monsters of

Heaven  //  Delia Sherman, The Fiddler of Bayou Teche  //  Reggie Oliver, Mr Poo-Poo  //  Elizabeth Hand, Winter's

Wife  //  William Browning Spencer, The Tenth Muse  //  Jeffrey Ford, The Drowned Life  //  Don Tumasonis, The

Swing  //  Laird Barron, The Forest  //  Paul Park, Fragrant Goddess  //  Eileen Gunn, Up the Fire Road  //  M. T.

Anderson, The Gray Boy's Work  //  Ted Chiang, The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate  //  Joyce Carol Oates,

Valentine, July Heat Wave  //  Donald Mead, A Thing Forbidden  //  Holly Black, A Reversal of Fortune  //  Veronica

Schanoes, Rats  //  Jack M. Haringa, A Perfect and Unmappable Grace  //  Lucy Kemnitzer, The Boulder  //  Tanith

Lee, The Hill  //  Alexander MacBride, The Ape Man  //  Liz Williams, The Hide  //  Tim Nickels, England and

Nowhere  //  Garth Nix, Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again  //  Terry Dowling, Toother  //  Lisa Tuttle, Closet

Dreams  //  Kij Johnson, The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change

Poetry: Billy Collins, Scenes of Hell  //  Eliza Griswold, Monkey  //  Nathalie Anderson, Troll  //  Sonya Taaffe, Follow

Me Home  //  Catherynne M. Valente, The Seven Devils of Central California  //  Maggie Smith, Village Smart  //  

Khaled Mattawa, Lovers: (Jaafar the Winged)