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Anthology: The Book of Dragons

Editor: Jonathan Strahan

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


The Book of Dragons

Jonathan Strahan, ed.


<  June 2020, 1st edition


ISBN 978-0-00-833147-4

Hardcover, 576 pages



  •  Introduction by Jonathan Strahan.

  •  Winner of the 2021 Locus Award for Best Anthology.

Fiction: Elle Katharine White, Matriculation  //  Zen Cho, Hikaya Sri Bujang, or The Tale of the Naga Sage  //  Daniel

Abraham, Yuli  //  Ken Liu, A Whisper of Blue  //  Brooke Bolander, Where the River Turns to Concrete  //  K. J.

Parker, Habitat  //  Ellen Klages, Pox  //  R. F. Kuang, The Nine Curves River  //  Kelly Barnhill, Lucky's Dragon  //  JY

Yang, The Exile  //  Peter S. Beagle, Except on Saturdays  //  Kelly Robson, La Vitesse  //  Kate Elliott, The Long

Walk  //  Garth Nix, Cut Me Another Quill, Mister Fitz  //  Seanan McGuire, Hoard  //  Aliette de Bodard, The Last

Hunt  //  Ann Leckie, Rachel Swirsky, We Continue  //  Todd McCaffrey, Small Bird's Plea  //  Michael Swanwick,

Dragon Slayer  //  Patricia A. McKillip, Camouflage  //  Sarah Gailey, We Don't Talk About the Dragon  //  Scott Lynch,

Maybe Just Go Up There and Talk to It

Poetry: Jane Yolen, What Heroism Tells Us  //  Jo Walton, Nidhog  //  Beth Cato, I Make Myself a Dragon  //  Amal

El-Mohtar, A Final Knight to Her Love and Foe  //  C. S. E. Cooney, The Worm of Lirr  //  Theodora Goss, The

Dragons  //  Jane Yolen, A Nice Cuppa