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Anthology series: The Apex Book of World SF

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Cristina Jurado  |  Mahvesh Murad  |  Lavie Tidhar (series editor)

Language:  English

Series:  2009 – 2018


Bibliographic comments:


The Apex Book of World SF

Lavie Tidhar, ed.


Library edition: September 2009, 1st edition, 1st printing

Apex Publications

ISBN 978-0-9821596-3-7

Trade paperback, 287 pages



  •  Introduction by Lavie Tidhar.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: S. P. Somtow, The Bird Catcher  //  Jetse de Vries, Transcendence Express  //  Guy Hasson, The Levantine

Experiments  //  Han Song, The Wheel of Samsara  //  Kaaron Warren, Ghost Jail  //  Yang Ping, Wizard World  //  

Dean Francis Alfar, L'Aquilone du Estrellas (The Kite of Stars)  //  Nir Yaniv, Cinderers  //  Jamil Nasir, The Allah

Stairs  //  Tunku Halim, Biggest Baddest Bomoh  //  Aliette de Bodard, The Lost Xuyan Bride  //  Kristin Mandigma,

Excerpt from a Letter by a Socialist-Realist Aswang  //  Aleksandar Ziljak, An Evening in the City Coffeehouse, with

Lydia on My Mind  //  Anil Menon, Into the Night  //  Mélanie Fazi, Elegy  //  Zoran Živković, Compartments

The Apex Book of World SF 2

Lavie Tidhar, ed.


Library edition: April 2012, 1st edition, 1st printing

Apex Publications

ISBN 978-1-937009-04-5

Trade paperback, 375 pages



  •  Introduction by Lavie Tidhar; essay 'World SF: Our Possible Future' by Charles Tan.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Alternate Girl's Expatriate Life  //  Ivor W. Hartmann, Mr Goop  //  Daliso Chaponda,

Trees of Bone  //  Daniel Salvo, The First Peruvian in Space  //  Gustavo Bondoni, Eyes in the Vastness of Forever  //  

Chen Quifan, The Tomb  //  Joyce Chng, The Sound of Breaking Glass  //  Csilla Kleinheincz, A Single Year  //  

Andrew Drilon, The Secret Origin of Spin-man  // Anabel Enriquez Piñeiro, Borrowed Time  //  Lauren Beukes,

Branded  //  Raúl Flores Iriarte, December 8th  //  Will Elliott, Hungry Man  //  Shweta Narayan, Nira and I  //  Fábio

Fernandes, Nothing Happened in 1999  // Tade Thompson, Shadow  //  Hannu Rajaniemi, Shibuya No Love  //  

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Maquech  //  Sergey Gerasimov, The Glory of the World  //  Tim Jones, The New Neighbours

//  Nnedi Okorafor, From the Lost Diary of TreeFrog7  //  Gail Hareven, The Slows  //  Ekaterina Sedia, Zombie Lenin  

//  Samit Basu, Electric Sonalika  // Andrzej Sapkowski, The Malady  // Jacques Barcia, A Life Made Possible

Behind the Barricades  // Nir Yaniv, Undercity


The Apex Book of World SF 3

Lavie Tidhar, ed.


Library edition: August 2015 edition

Apex Publications

ISBN 978-1-937009-34-2

Trade paperback, 266 pages



  •  Introduction by Lavie Tidhar.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Courtship in the Country of Machine-Gods  //  Xia Jia, A Hundred Ghosts Parade

Tonight  //  Fadzlishah Johanabas, Act of Faith  //  Uko Bendi Udo, The Foreigner  //  Ma Boyong, The City of Silence  

//  Athena Andreadis, Planetfall  //  Ika Koeck, Jungle Fever  //  Amal El-Mohtar, To Follow the Waves  //  Nelly

Geraldine García-Rosas, Ahuizotl  //  Biram Mboob, The Rare Earth  //  Myra Çakan, Spider's Nest  //  Crystal Koo,

Waiting with Mortals  //  Ange, Three Little Children  //  Karin Tidbeck, Brita's Holiday Village  //  Swapna Kishore,

Regressions  //  Berit Ellingsen, Dancing on the Red Planet


The Apex Book of World SF 4

Mahvesh Murad, ed.


<  August 2015, 1st edition

Apex Publications

ISBN 978-1-937009-33-5

Trade paperback, 336 pages



  •  Introductions by Lavie Tidhar and Mahvesh Murad.

Fiction: undetermined


The Apex Book of World SF 5

Cristina Jurado, ed.


<  September 2018, 1st edition

Apex Publications

ISBN 978-1-937009-71-7

Trade paperback, x+293 pages



  •  Introductions by Lavie Tidhar and Cristina Jurado.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Vina Jie-Min Prasad, A Series of Steaks  //  Daína Chaviano, Accursed Lineage  //  Darcie Little Badger,

Nkásht íí  //  T. L. Huchu, Ghostalker  //  Taiyo Fujii, Violation of the TrueNet Security Act  //  Vandana Singh,

Ambiguity Machines: An Examination  //  Basma Abdel Aziz, Scenes from the Life of an Autocrat  //  Liliana Colanzi,

Our Dead World  //  Bo-Young Kim, An Evolutionary Myth  //  Israel Alonso, You Will See the Moon Rise  //  Sara

Saab, The Barrette Girls  //  Chi Hui, The Calculations of Artificials  // Ana Hurtado, El Cóndor del Machángara  //  

Karla Schmidt, Alone, on the Wind  //  Eliza Victoria, The Seventh  //  Tochi Onyebuchi, Screamers  //  R. S. A.

Garcia, The Bois  //  Giovanni De Feo, Ugo