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Anthology: TFF-X: Ten Years of The Future Fire

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Djibril al-Ayad  |  Cécile Matthey  |  Valeria Vitale

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


TFF-X: Ten Years of The Future Fire

Djibril al-Ayad, Cécile Matthey, Valeria Vitale, eds.


<  November 2015, first edition Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9573975-6-9

Trade paperback, viii+198 pages



  •  Preface by Djibril al-Ayad.

  •  Contents relevant to this library are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Jennifer Marie Brissett, Nasmina's Black Box  //  C. A. Hawksmoor, Shadow Boy and the Little Match Girl  //  

Jocelyn Koehler, Flight of a Sparrow  //  Neil Carstairs, What Hath God Wrought?  //  Valeria Vitale, Fae Visions of

the Mediterranean  //  Jessica E. Birch, Reflection  //  Jo Walton, The Need to Stay the Same  //  Brett Savory, Bottom

Drawer  //  Alison Littlewood, Always Look on the Bright Side  //  Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Mermaid Teeth,

Witch-Hones  //  Sara Puls, Sweet Like Fate  //  Bruce Boston, An Unrecognized Masterwork  //  Su J. Sokol, Je me

souviens  //  Rebecca Buchanan, Sophie and Zoe at the End of the World  //  Kathryn Allan, Accessing the Future  //  

Mark Harding, Art Attack!  //  Julie Novakova, Slice of Life  //  James Bennett, Half Light House  //  Therese

Arkenberg, Drown or Die  //  Melissa Moorer, Easy Sweeps of Sky  //  Jack Hollis Marr, Always Left Behind  //  Lori

Selke, Outlaw Bodies  //  Rebecca J. Schwab, Thick on the Wet Cement  //  Melanie Rees, Ephemeral Love

Poetry: Redfern Jon Barrett, Liqiud Loyalty, Ten Years On  //  Joyce Chng, Lessons of the Sun  //  Toby MacNutt,


Essays: Serge Keller, Cécile Matthey, Lifting the Veil on the Illustrators