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Anthology: Tales from the Planet Earth

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Elizabeth Anne Hull  |  Frederik Pohl

Language:  English


Bibliographic comments:


Tales from the Planet Earth

Frederik Pohl, Elizabeth Anne Hull, eds.


Library edition: November 1986, 1st edition

St. Martin’s Press

ISBN 0-312-78420-1

Hardcover, xviii+268 pages



  •  Introduction 'Report from the Planet Earth' by Frederik Pohl, essay 'The Last Word' by Elizabeth Anne Hull.

  •  Described on the cover as "A novel with nineteen authors", all but six of the stories are original to this anthology.

  •  Various translators.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Frederik Pohl, Sitting Around the Pool, Soaking Up the Rays  //  Ye Yonglie, The Thursday Events  //  Spider

Robinson, User Friendly  //  André Carneiro, Life as an Ant  //  Somtow Sucharitkul, Fiddling for Waterbuffaloes  //  

Lino Aldani, S Is for Snake  //  Josef Nesvadba, The Divided Carla  //  Harry Harrison, The View from the Top of the

Tower  //  A. Bertram Chandler, Don't Knock the Rock  //  Jon Bing, The Owl of Bear Island  //  Ljuben Dilov, Contacts

of a Fourth Kind  //  Brian W. Aldiss, Infestation  //  Carlos Maria Federici, In the Blink of an Eye  //  Janusz A. Zajdel,

Particularly Difficult Territory  //  Sam Lundwall, Time Everlasting  //  Elizabeth Anne Hull, Tong Enzheng, The Middle

Kingdom  //  Karl Michael Armer, On the Inside Track  //  Tetsu Yano, The Legend of the Paper Spaceship  //  Frederik

Pohl, We Servants of the Stars