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Anthology: Floating Clouds, Floating Dreams: Favorite Asian Folktales

Editor: I. K. Junne

Language: English


Bibliographic comments:


Floating Clouds, Floating Dreams: Favorite Asian Folktales

I. K. Junne, ed.


<  1974, 1st edition


ISBN 0-385-05204-9

Hardcover, 152 pages



  •  Preface by I. K. Junne.

Fiction: Tanya Lee, The Tall Tales  // Tanya Lee, The Fisherman and the Gatekeeper  //  Tanya Lee, The Fish with

Hooked Noses  //  Alice Ritchie, The Treasure of Li-Po  //  uncredited, Hok Lee and the Dwarfs  //  Alice Ritchie, The

Fox's Daughter  //  Tanya Lee, The Mystery Maiden from Heaven  // Joseph Gaer, Greedy and Speedy  //  Joseph

Gaer, The Hermit and the Mouse  //  Joseph Gaer, The Monkey Gardeners  //  Yoshiko Uchida, The Magic Listening

Cap  //  Yoshiko Uchida, The Rice Cake That Rolled Away  //  A. B. Mitford, The Adventures of Little Peachling  //  

Tanya Lee, The Magic Hammer  //  Tanya Lee, Hats to Disappear With  //  Tanya Lee, Gifts of Love  //  Tanya Lee, The

Tiger and the Hare  //  Tanya Lee, Mister Lazybones  //  Tanya Lee, The Little Turtle  //  Antoine Galland, Prince

Ahmed and the Fairy Peribanou  //  Tanya Lee, The River Monster  //  Tanya Lee, The Water Festival  //  Tanya Lee,

The Tiger and the Cow  //  Tanya Lee, Two Foolish Friends  //  Tanya Lee, Diem and Siem  //  Tanya Lee, The Tiger


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