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Anthology: Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse

Editors (alphabetically listed):  Alex Shvartsman  |  William Snee

Language:  English


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Dark Expanse: Surviving the Collapse

Alex Schvartsman, William Snee, eds.


<  March 2014, 1st edition

Deorc Enterprise





  •  Foreword by Alex Shvartsman.

  •  'Dark Expanse' series #1.

  •  Relevant contents are highlighted in white.

Fiction: Nancy Fulda, Castles in the Sky  //  Alex Shvartsman, Dominoes Falling  //  Ken Liu, The Ten Suns  //  

Deborah Walker, Betrayal, Clear as Kanzai Glass  //  David Walton, The Price of Escape  //  Simon Kewin, Hellfire

Unleashed  //  Michael Haynes, Breaking Down  //  Deborah Walker, They Cannot Scare Me with Their Empty Spaces  

//  Matt Mikalatos, A Small and Secret Freedom  //  David Wayne, Lightspeed Back to You  //  Michael Greenhut,

Escape from Planet Error  //  Deborah Walker, Jump  //  Alex Kane, Loud, for All the Stars to Hear  //  David Wayne,

To Soar on Winds of War  //  Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, Fires of Night  //  Robert Lowell Russell, Gorlack the Destroyer's

All You Can Eat Adventure  //  Nancy Fulda, Ghost Ship  //  Nancy Fulda, The Shadow Conspiracy